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  1. Stefanie1234

    Bolivian Ram Behavior

    i have a fully cycled 40 gallon tank that has been running for a month. I just purchased 2 Bolivian rams and they are clearly timid from all the stress of moving from pet smart to their new home. How long should this behavior continue? I want them to swim around but they’re in one spot. Their...
  2. Stefanie1234

    Male Or Female Bolivian Rams?

    I need help determining the sex of these Bolivian rams. I want a male and female and I can’t determine which one is which at pet smart! Thank you so much in advance!!
  3. Stefanie1234

    Driftwood Question

    I’ve been soaking my driftwood in regular tap water (with no dechlorinator) to get most of the tannins out and I was wondering if I should let it air dry so chlorine doesn’t soak into my tank? Thanks!
  4. Stefanie1234

    What Does “add Fish Slowly” Mean Exactly

    I have a 40 gallon breeder that’s almost cycled. I want to add fish soon but it would be small fish to produce a good amount of ammonia my bio filter is ready for. I’m thinking harlequin rasboras will be my first fish. They say to buy them in groups. Should I get 4, 6, 8, 10? I’m just not sure...
  5. Stefanie1234

    Where Can I Buy Rummy Nose Tetra

    Where can I buy rummy nose tetra? Pet smart didn't have them
  6. Stefanie1234

    How To Clean The Pot After I Boiled Driftwood In It

    How can I clean the pot I just boiled driftwood in? Thanks!!
  7. Stefanie1234

    Electric Blue Acara Compatibility?

    Would an electric blue acara and Bolivian ram do okay in a 40 gallon tank together? I’m at petsmart right now amazed at how beautiful they both are! LOL.
  8. Stefanie1234

    I’m New And Want Your Opinion!!

    I just got into this hobby and I’ve been cycling my 40 gallon breeder tank. I keep looking up what I should stock it with and I’m definitely thinking 2 Bolivian Rams, but now I cannot choose what else to stock it with! Something easy, cute and peaceful. I just learned about rummy nose tetra and...
  9. Stefanie1234

    Fishless Cycle Questions!!!

    It is my first time doing a fishless cycle for my freshwater 40 gallon breeder aquarium. I am obsessed with this new hobby of mine. It is DAY 4 and I already have my ammonia down from 4ppm to about 2ppm, and I actually have a NITRATE reading of 10ppm!!! I am pumped. I dosed carefully dr tim’s...
  10. Stefanie1234

    40 Gallon Breeder Ideas Wanted!

    I want 2,3, or 4 Bolivian Rams. I am wondering what else would look nice and fit well in a 40 breeder tank with them. Thank you!!!! Also, I bought some driftwood and sand. I am afraid to buy rocks because I heard they lower make the water hard!! but I want a lot of hiding places for the fish...

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