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  1. Dandelion-Dream

    Filter Not Working Properly

    I've recently encountered an issue with my TopFin 10g filter. It's been managing a heavy bioload for a year now, but just recently it's been acting improperly. The output has been reduced to a trickle, and I'm afraid this might impact my fish. I have had some issues with brown algae in my tank...
  2. Dandelion-Dream

    Triops Care Sheet [ Rough Draft ]

    Longtail Tadpole Shrimp __________________________________ Max Size: 2 inches Average Lifespan: 2-3 months Care Difficulty: Easy Preferred Temperature: 74-78 degrees Fahrenheit Substrate: Sand Live Plants?: Semi-Compatible Tank Size: 1.5 g or more, but they're more easily hatched in a...
  3. Dandelion-Dream

    [ Question ] Dwarf Baby Tears In Small Rock Planter + Shrimp?

    I'm starting a 2 gallon Longtail Tadpole shrimp tank soon, and I have the following queries: -Are they compatible? -Can you keep Dwarf Baby Tears in a small planter? -Any plant care advice?
  4. Dandelion-Dream

    Goldfish Problem

    My two fish aren't looking too good. Here's what I know: -They're in a 10 gallon tank, as of now. (Not looking for a lecture, just letting you guys know. They're getting a 300 gallon pond in April.) -One is 2 1/2 inches, and the other is closer to 3. -They're Comets. -I have a filter and...
  5. Dandelion-Dream

    2 Gallon Stocking

    I was planning on using a TopFin Fish-Eye View tank to house some small Freshwater critters. What I have in mind for the aquascaping: -I want to have some live plants involved -I probably will have a Sand or Gravel substrate Ideas for the inhabitants: -Dwarf Shrimp -Longtail Tadpole Shrimp
  6. Dandelion-Dream

    Show Me Your Ponds!

    I've returned! I've been busy with fish trouble and all, so I was wondering if you could give me a picture of your Koi, Goldfish, or other kind of fish, pond! Whether it be a fancy $3,000 Koi pond or a $600 Fancy Goldfish budget bungalow, all are welcome! Also, I would also like advice on some...
  7. Dandelion-Dream

    Quick, But Crucial, Question 'bout Goldfish

    Since I don't want to do too much explaining in the initial post (I would rather break it down.), I have a concern as to what might be going on here, by symptoms alone. (But I can, and will, provide a bit more info.) What does this sound like? Parasites? -Clamped fins -Scratches -Aggression...
  8. Dandelion-Dream

    Another New Pond Thread.

    I've seen alot of full care sheets and stocking lists posted on this forum, and I was wondering you one of you pond geeks could provide me with a care guide for a 300 gallon comet goldfish pond I'll be getting in September/October. I'd really appreciate it, being that I'm a total newbie to ponds...
  9. Dandelion-Dream

    Hikari Vs. Tetrafin: I Think We All Know The Winner Here.

    My opinion on TetraFin flakes isn't the best. When I first got the flake because my current pellets at the time had gotten small enough to fit in their mouth in one bite, but large enough for them to have difficulty swallowing. So, for the meantime, I had switched to TetraFin flakes. I was...
  10. Dandelion-Dream

    Turning 10 Gal Tank Into A Guppy Fry Haven!

    I have a friend (IRL) who's planning to breed her Guppies and sell the fry. But, she wants to keep some of the runty ones as pets that may be outcompeted and possibly even starve. So, I've happily agreed to use my 10 gallon tank to house them (only if I'm allowed to name them), after the goldies...
  11. Dandelion-Dream

    Another Pond Queries Thread

    I've had some more questions, and my last thread didn't get many answers, so I'll put those and some new ones here. 1. Is a 300 gallon pond suitable for 2 Comet Goldfish? 2. If I use a galvanized steel water trough with some EPDM liner, are there any concerns of it collapsing or springing a...
  12. Dandelion-Dream

    Longtail Tadpole Shrimp?

    What are the needs of Longtail Tadpole Shrimp? Y'know, the Triassic Triops things that are basically Smithsonian Sea Monkeys. I'd like to own them. Are they hardy? How much space? Diet? Stocking? Water Temp? Their general requirements?
  13. Dandelion-Dream

    Opinion On Culling?

    What's your outlook on culling (the killing kind) undesirable or deformed fry? How exclusive are your fry choices (ex. One person may cull only the severely deformed, the other person might cull all fry that don't make the cut)? Do you think it's cruel? Or protecting future fry from having the...
  14. Dandelion-Dream

    Quick Questions

    1. Is this a reliable article? 2. If so, how many gallons would a cattle trough have to be to be deep enough so that the water doesn't freeze solid in the winter, but still provide enough surface area? I'm looking for a way to make a super inexpensive pond for my fish. 3. Would the fish freeze...
  15. Dandelion-Dream

    Okay: Let Me Be Honest With You Guys

    Ever since I stumbled across my LFS, I had always stopped by the fish section to watch them swim, even as a young child. I had always been attached to fish and their nature. When I was little I had a Betta fish that I don't remember very well, but other than that, I haven't kept fish for quite...
  16. Dandelion-Dream

    Name Ideas

    I'm trying to convince my parents to let me get a mouse. (A feeder albino one, I always pity on feeder animals) and I was wondering if you guys have any name ideas for when the time rolls around. I plan to get a single male mouse so I don't have to have a group of mice. I was thinking about...
  17. Dandelion-Dream

    Urgent: Goldfish Not Doing Very Well

    My comet goldfish, Silhouette and Chance are getting a new 55 gallon tank soon. They're in a temporary 10 gallon tank for now. Silhouette doesn't look so good. He's not really that active lately, except when he greets me when I walk in my bedroom. Sometimes he just hovers over the bottom of the...
  18. Dandelion-Dream

    Some Questions 'bout Guppies

    I happen to have a friend who is also interested in fishkeeping, and she's working to get a Guppy tank. Sadly, she's much less experienced then me at the hobby, and even I don't know a ton about Guppies and their nature. So, can you load me up on some important info so she has a lower chance of...
  19. Dandelion-Dream

    Brand Preferences

    What is your least/most favorite fish related brand? Why do you like/dislike them? My most favorite are: -Top Fin (In my opinion, their equipment is pretty reliable) -API (They offer a wide range of different products, from water conditioners to test kits) My least favorite are: -MARINA (Ugh...
  20. Dandelion-Dream

    Rcs/bvs Queries!

    I'd like to know: -Do they need lighting? -Minimum tank size? -Filtration or just frequent water changes? -How many shrimp can you put in a 1 gallon tank? Sorry if this seems a bit newbie, but I'm thinking about expanding my hobby to include dwarf shrimp, specifically Blue Velvet Shrimp...

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