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  1. Dandee

    We Have A Foal

    I would like to share some exciting news with you all. I would like to congratulate our AQHA mare Doc on a job well done. The only foal this year and the last one for Sunset Marchadors (us) was born just over an hour ago (just after midnight my time) and it is a colt! I just missed the birth...
  2. Dandee

    Tiger Barb & Green Tiger Barb Behavior

    I have only had these Tiger Barbs & Green Tiger Barbs (a school of 5) for a couple weeks. I have not seen them do this before. I caught this behavior last night and I'm not sure if they are fighting, playing, arguing, or what. They did this for about 1/2 an hour last night and have not done it...
  3. Dandee

    Horses Playing In The Storm

    We had a bad storm blow in last Thursday night. It was just starting and two of the horses decided to play over the fence. If it was me, I would have been high tailing it to the shelter to hide out from the storm. Not my goof balls though.
  4. Dandee

    Snail ID Please

    Was at the lfs today. I wanted a couple more nerite snails (just love these snails). I told them what I wanted, was looking at the fish while they got them ready, then I headed for home. When I went to take them out of the bag I discovered that one of them is not a nerite. I have no idea what it...
  5. Dandee

    Pleco ID

    I have had this pleco for a year and a half. When I bought him the lfs just had the tank marked as "pleco's". Any idea what breed this one is? It is hard trying to get a good photo of him/her.
  6. Dandee

    Our Cats

    This is our spoiled house cat Levi. All he needs is a beer and the remote. He is a 26 Lb part Siamese. He really is a weird cat This is Tux (black & white) and Milo. They are from the same litter that Levi was from. This is Sambo. He has such long hair. This is...
  7. Dandee

    Introducing Our Dogs

    This is Ruby. She is an 11 or 12 yr old Rhodesian Ridgeback cross. I've had her since she was 4 months old. She is a weirdo that plays with rocks...big rocks. She also loves jumping in the horse troughs in the summer to cool off. She takes her rock with her. This is Loki. He is a...
  8. Dandee

    Introducing Our Herd

    We currently have seven horses. We have one foal to be born this spring and it will be our last one. Last summer we decided to no longer breed but that was after we had bred back one mare. So here is our crew.... Dandee: 2000 dun AQHA mare Doc: 2005 perlino AQHA mare (she is the one in...
  9. Dandee

    Hi From Alberta

    Hi! Thought I'd introduce myself since I'm new to the forum. I'm the proud owner of seven horses (Dandee, Diego, Belmiro, Doc, Libby, Piper & Judge), a Great Dane (Bailey), a Rhodesian Ridgeback cross (Ruby), several outside cats (Milo, Tux, Spud, and three nameless ones), one inside cat...

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