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  1. Markinglis

    Goldfish Inactive

    So on Sunday I got 4 goldfish for my pond and they have been quite inactive since I added them. They normally just sit on the bottom of the pond or hide under the plants. I read this is normal for new fish but how long should they display this behaviour before I start to worry about them? There...
  2. Markinglis

    Dojo Loach In Pond Legal In Uk?

    Hey all. I live in the uk and want to get some dojo loaches for my pond but I am getting so much contradicting views. My question is- is it legal? I am getting many people telling em it is fine, some saying with a permit I can and others saying it is illegal. Can someone clear it up for me?
  3. Markinglis

    Dojo Loaches

    I was wondering if I could keep dojo loaches in a pond in my back garden? I live in Scotland so during the summer the weather is about 10-25°C (50-77°F) and in the winter it usually is about 1-5°C (33-41°F) but it has been know in the extremes to reach -7°C (19.4°F) I have read mixed reviews...
  4. Markinglis

    Feeding Algae To Otocinclus

    Hey I want to get a small shoal of Otos for my tank. However there isn’t much algae in my tank, and I know otos require a larger amount. I know you can supplement them with algae wafers and I read the stuff like zucchini and other similar vegetables are also good. But will this be enough for...
  5. Markinglis

    New Tank. Any Suggestions?

    So I have decided to set up a new tank. Just a small community tank with dimensions 24” by 14” by 12”. This gives it a volume of 17.5 us gallons (66.1 litres). I have a basic idea what I want to do- just a simple community tank really, but I want a divider down the middle because I want to keep...
  6. Markinglis

    Tuberculosis In Tank

    About 9months ago my tank was hit with tuberculosis. It killed all of my guppies and all of my platys leaving me with 5 tetras. Over the past 9 months 4 of those tetras have died, however it does not seem to be due to tuberculosis. I know tetras like to swim with other tetras and I am setting up...
  7. Markinglis

    African Dwarf Frog Dropsy?

    Hi. Over the past few days my African dwarf frog has been pretty puffed up. I thought I may be over feeding him so have fasted him for the past 2 days, although things haven’t improved. I fear it may be dropsy, but I am inexperienced with African dwarf frogs and their illnesses. Any advice?

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