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  1. Fishygirl1219

    New 75 Gallon

    I just upgraded from a 55 to a 75 gallon and wanted to get some opinions on plants and fish for the tank... I like smaller fish nothing over 4 or 5 inches really... I want more plants but not really sure what to go with ... right now its stocked with 4 angels (planning to get rid of 2 or all of...
  2. Fishygirl1219

    Are Discus Worth It?

    So I have a new tank and I am wanting to set it up for discus question is ,is it worth it or am I wasting my money....... it's a 55 gallon ....qny help would be appreciated
  3. Fishygirl1219

    Tropical Fish Labels

    I work at a pet store and I am over the fish.....well I have a issue with the fish...they don't have any labels and it's driving me nuts...can someone give me an idea of how to make some or where to buy some or something anything would be great
  4. Fishygirl1219

    This Was Free

    Hello Just curious if anyone knows anything about this and how to set up or knows where to get a free pdf manual or something thanks in advance
  5. Fishygirl1219

    Irn Baby

    I just bought an 4 month old irn green in color I think it's a male ...anyway it is not eating or drinking .....I've had to force him to drink they said he was doing perfect when they had him I've only had him 2 days ......does anyone have a trick for this to get them to eat
  6. Fishygirl1219

    Need Help

    So I have this wonderful 55 gallon with my two clowns my Mandarin copepods amphipod hermit crabs and I want more fish ....can some one give me some ideas please!! I will be buying all kinds of coral hard and soft I have an anenome on the way....there just so many fish and I...
  7. Fishygirl1219

    Condy Anemone

    Okay so I just ordered this [] Haitian Pink Tip Anemone I've read that it is basically a condy?!? Anyway my question is how do I go about feeding it, acclimateing it and where do I place in my tank...... Thanks so much it will be in Friday
  8. Fishygirl1219

    Crazy Saltwater Lady

    So I'm doing a YouTube channel. I will keep it up and going if everyone likes it and thinks I should I'm totally new to making videos so I'm sure these will suck for awhile .....anyway here's the link I'm uploading a new video right now should go live in about 20 minutes that's the first video...
  9. Fishygirl1219

    Horseshoe Crab

    So when I went to the new to me fish store they have a horseshoe crab.....just curious if this would be a good thing or a bad thing I'm kinda interested in him .....
  10. Fishygirl1219

    Impulse Buy

    I hope this was a good impulse buy can anyone guess what it is
  11. Fishygirl1219

    Bubble Tipped Anenome

    Okay so dumb question but can I touch a bta?? I am planning to get one soon and I really really REALLYwant to touch it but I don't wanna die....just curious
  12. Fishygirl1219

    Beginners Coral

    What would be great easy to take care of beginning coral? I'm interested in anything really I'm going to be getting a Chinese black box led SOON if not tomorrow lol but anyway any help would be appreciated oh and I would love to buy an anenome what would an easy one be?
  13. Fishygirl1219

    T5 Bulbs

    Okay so I've done some looking and I cannot afford the led lights right now....which sucks and to be honest I don't know which ones are the best but anyway....I've been doing some looking and seen the t5 bulbs.....are those good for corals and anenome and such??? Which coral would be better does...
  14. Fishygirl1219

    Mandarin Goby

    So I ordered a Mandarin goby through my lfs....he was on sell for 10 bucks so I thought I would try....they don't keep saltwater so it was a special order...anyway they called and said that he was DOA and said that they packed him along with ice packs?!?! They said that he was supposed to stay...
  15. Fishygirl1219


    Hello all.... As everyone knows I have my saltwater tank up and going and have 2 clownfish and 3 rlhc well I just ordered a Mandarin goby for $10 they were running a sale and I could.not resist I want one soooooo bad you have no idea...okay my question is .... I know they really need...
  16. Fishygirl1219


    Here's my freshwater basically maintenance free tank.... Got the swords and other plants from soocold and the snails from Ryan
  17. Fishygirl1219

    Is This Normal??

    My clowns are being clowns haha I know not funny but is this normal behavior? ... I had to put it on YouTube that's one video I have another one it's uploading
  18. Fishygirl1219

    Hermit Crab

    Just a question does any one have hermit crab shells for sale?or know where to find some online....thanks a million
  19. Fishygirl1219

    Arggggg Bad News

    So just went to town to the saltwater fish guy and he's closing down!!!! So now I'm between a live rock and a clownfish..haha not that funny but now I'm can someone please help me in where I can get corals and fish at now??? He was an hour away and that's the closest one to me...
  20. Fishygirl1219


    What power heads should I buy from Amazon for my 55 gallon tank???? I'll have coral and I have a clownfish right now but will have other types or fish and my CUC .......

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