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  1. abettaworldtogether

    Help Does My Betta Have Fin Rot Or Are The Fins Changing?

    I have a divided 10 gallon heated, overfiltered. planted tank, 0/0/0 8 ph. Driftwood in tank. I have a betta who has changed drastically over 2 months. I will post pics, but he started out with very small, rounded fins that just blossomed. In the photos you can see them starting to get spiky in...
  2. abettaworldtogether

    Help Does Betta Have Infected Injury?

    I'm on a phone so I can't do the template but I have a divided 10 gallon, ph roughly 8, 0/0/0 (or nitrate not detected). I do water changes every couple weeks, always before any changes in ammonia or nitrite (I keep an eye on it). I'm attaching a video. My other betta had this same thing and...
  3. abettaworldtogether

    Help My Bettas Are Cold How Do I Add A Heater?

    Sorry the title is weird. I have a divided 10 gallon with an aqueon pre-set heater. It's only reaching 72F but still cycling on and off. One of my betta look cold, his fins used to be really spread out but now he looks like he did that time I forget to plug in the heater after a WC. I bought an...
  4. abettaworldtogether

    Help Is Vitachem Safe For Betta Regrowing Tail?

    My male betta Rylinn is in a divided 10 gallon and had battled fin rot after pH shock and an injury with the filter. Treated with Rally for 6 days and his tail started to grow back, though slowly. I'm using stressguard every day and have IAL in there, and it was suggested I use VitaChem as a...
  5. abettaworldtogether

    Is My Ph Too High / Should I Use Bottled Water?

    The guy at my LFS keeps telling me that my tank water at 8 pH needs to come down to 7.5. They sold me a neutral regulator which shocked my betta. Rylinn survived it, thank goodness. I currently have a 10 gallon with one betta and a bunch of pest snails. I will be dividing 3 ways for a total of 3...
  6. abettaworldtogether

    Help! How Do I Slowly Correct/raise Ph?

    My tap water comes out at 7, but rises to 8 when left out. My tank with my betta and pest snails had a pH of 8 for about a month and my LFS finally convinced me to use neutral regulator. I dosed the tank on Monday, and Tuesday night Rylinn was swimming on the bottom with clamped fins. Wednesday...

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