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  1. AndyVE

    Is This A Male Or Female Angelfish?

    Or is he/she still too small to determine?
  2. AndyVE

    What Kind Of Fish Is This?

    Am hoping someone can help me out identifying it: store was using some kind of “mini gourami” name, but do not seem to find it when googling.
  3. AndyVE

    What species is this?

    Hi all, I bought a couple or corydoras pygmaeus, but also got one of these... Can anyone tell me what species it is (gold dotted body with orange in his fins)?
  4. AndyVE

    EBR pair (day 4 in my tank)

    Used to have a pair of GBR but both died (seperate occasion). Once i passed my LFS and it was the first time i saw them having electric blue ram. So could bot resist.... Last two days they where diging a whole in the ground, but they just did this...
  5. AndyVE

    Would a CO2 kit help?

    Hi all, I have a 33.8 gallon tank equipped with 2x 24W T5HO. Going to place deflectors on these tubes this weekend (hood is not equipped with anything (except for being white). But am wondering if a CO2 kit would be usefull or not? I now have a kit that works with tablets and drop one in every...
  6. AndyVE

    Sick or pregnant corydora trilineatus?

    One of my corydora trilineatus is acting weird: Is not shy at all anymore (does not rush away when i am near the glass), swims up to the surface quite often (but not at warp speed). Also stays vertical near the surface? So turned on my airstone... Looks very bulky too though. So wonder if it...
  7. AndyVE

    Jorunna parva....aka the sea bunny

    Wonder if anyone has one of those in their tank. For sure look adorable (just saw an article about htem in the funny section of a locel news website) can find loads of adorable pics online...
  8. AndyVE

    Help...are these anchor worms?

    Only have one cardinal tetra that shows them. How can i cure it? Also have RSC, dwarf gourmi and cories in the tank (and a GBR). I know the first three can make medication difficult.
  9. AndyVE

    Just a short movie of my Crowntail Betta's place (5.5g)

    Upgraded him to this 5.5 half a year ago (was in a 2.3 before). (sorry added wrong movie first...was my main tank).
  10. AndyVE

    GBR female died suddenly

    I had a pair of GBR in my tank for half a year now. But a week ago i found my female dead on the bottom. They tried to spawn a couple of times but as far as i noticed the eggs never hatched (got eaten). But the last couple of weeks before she died the male was being more aggressive in chasing...
  11. AndyVE

    What are these...

    Was cleaning my betta's place and saw these: 1) think they are shrimp, but only have RCS so are these still small fry? 2) see very small white speckles on my heather and they are also moving (no idea what they are)
  12. AndyVE

    7 months later...

    Hi all, i currently started this hobby 7 months ago. Just wanted to thank all the people out here for all the advice and also all other members posting interesting questions for me to read. Learned a lot from it and for sure still can learn a lot. Started with a 33g. Added a 2.3g nano...
  13. AndyVE

    Aquatic Nature Flow 60 HOB

    Hi all, just wanted to post a mini review of this HOB filter. My Betta got a new place as a present (from me). Did not want to use the old filter (also could not) as it was part of the previous tank (fluval spec 3) and it was also creating too much current. So decided to add a HOB. My LFS only...
  14. AndyVE

    Just ordered a Sunsun HW-302 for my 33 gallon. :D

    Is a replacemznt for my internal filter. First did not plan to go external. But have dust/particles floating in my tank and hope a much larger filter can get rid of those. Currently have a fluval U3 that is dead silent. So hope the sunsun is not much loader. Any tips from co owners on this...
  15. AndyVE

    Good external filter for a 33 gallon tank?

    Hi all, i currently have a fluval u3 internal filter that is absolutely silent (sit 1.5m from my tank and do not hear it with no other ambient sound in the room). But was tinking to upgrade to a good external filter in the future. Seem the sunsun gets good reviews here... but would a hw-303b...
  16. AndyVE

    Can someone tell me what he has on his analfin?

    Have the impression it is getting bigger Is still eating well, swimming around in the tank,.... Can this be fin rot? Thought that this would always start on the edges of the fins (looking on pictures online)
  17. AndyVE

    Big white spot on a pearl gourami

    Hi all, I have a pearl gourami that over a course of 2 days seems to have develloped a big white spot on her fin. For sure not ich. Is he or she sick?
  18. AndyVE

    german Blue Ram 2nd attempt

    Have them a good month or so an this is their 2nd attempt. Hope the cories or they do not eat all of it this time...
  19. AndyVE

    Are T5 lamps the same as T5HO?

    Hi all, i am planning to replace my 2 lamps in my 33G aquarium for the first time. it has 2x 24W (T5?) lamps 22" (55cm) 220-230V 50hz Front and rear: 6500k and 8500k Want to replace them by: fluval T5HO 24W 22" 18000k (power spectrum) fluval T5HO 24w 6700k (life spectrum) For more space see...
  20. AndyVE

    New update how my tank is doing...

    And again a big thanks to everyone that gave me advice!

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