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    Cycling tank

    Once I have my tank cycled and remove 70-90% of my water, do I dechlorinate the water I am going to add prior to putting it in the tank? Also what is a good dechlorinator to use? I thought I had read something about not using a dechlorinator that would effect the ammonia or something like that...
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    Gravel types

    xI am setting up a 55 gallon freshwater tank.I am picking fish with some very pretty colors and wonder what color of gravel would help display these colors best. Would appreciate any adivice or tips.
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    Plants for Freshwater tank

    I am doing research for the planning of a 55 gallon freshwater tank,eventually hope to stock with 6 danios,6barbs, 4 cory cats,6 rainbows, and 4 otto cats. I would like to have plants, not very many. I think I would prefer low light types.Would appreciate any info about plant types, care,etc.x
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    Help Aquarium and fish ownership for newbies

    I hope to soon be purchasing a 55 gallon tank as my first tank based on info that a larger tank is actually easier to keep clean.I will be able to devote time to this project so I would prefer a larger tank as I would like to get several different type fish.I am planning on a freshwater tank.The...

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