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    Will Synodontis Kill Tetras?

    So i have 3 synodontis in my tank that are about 4-5 inches. Every few days i keep finding remnants of my lemon tetras. All the fish are healthy and look great and water parameters are NOT the issue. I know something is killing them. The other fish in the tank are a 3 inch synspilum cichlid, a...
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    Bens 125 Sa Cichlid Tank

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    Help With Remineralizing Ro Watee

    So i finally gave up on my fight against high nitrates in my tap water and ordered my ro unit. What conditioners are best for adding back trace elements and buffering the water to help against ph crashes.
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    So i have somewhere between 40 and 80 ppm nitrate in my tap causing me big headaches. I have a 125 gallon tank that i that 30 gallons in per week. I have a 30 gallon container that i am going to start filling up with water and running a diy filter i built with nitrazorb size 6 in it. I will...
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    Buffalo Head Cichlid

    Does anyone know anything about this fish? Aggressive? SA/CA or african? Community tank fish? Steatocranus casuarius. Imperial tropicals just got them on their site and i thought they looked interesting.
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    Pool Table Slate In Aquarium???

    So i am big into pool playing. Im on a league and i play everyday. And i goto thinking. Can pool table slate be used in an aquarium. I did research and pool table slate and slate rock are the exact same thing. I also read in a few different forums saying that it can be put in aquariums. What...
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    I Seen The Worst Case Of Fishkeeping Today.

    So i have become the "fish guy" on my street, well today my neighbor a few doors down knocked on my door and told me they no longer wanted their fish if i wanted them. So i went down to take a look and what i saw blew me away. They had a 6 inch common pleco and a ryukin gold fish, in one of...
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    1 Diy Canister Vs 2 Sunsun. Thoughts??

    I was originally planning to use 2 SunSun 304 B canisters on my 125 gallon build. The are "rated" at 525 gph but that obviously decreases with media added. However i can build a canister for around 100 dollars and that includes a jecod 6000 which filters 1585gph. Which would be a smarter/better...
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    Seachem Matrix Question.

    I have high nitrates in my tap water, i dont really want to use an RO unit because then i have to remineralize. I will be using 2 SunSun 304B filters on my 125 gallon tank. My question is, can i fill all 4 trays in both filters with the matrix so maximize my results of lowering my nitrates? All...
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    125 Gallon Sa/ca Tank Build

    So im starting a new 125 gallon tank. The 327 gallon tank i had ended with a disaster and huge fight with the delivery service. So anyway i have begun ordering everything for this tank. I picked the tank and stand up for 150 dollars. I am in the process of sanding down the sand to re-stain it...
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    Stocking Ideas For A 125

    I would like to get a few stocking suggestions based around an angel, severum and electric blue acara.
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    Sunsun Hw 304b

    Does anyone have any experience with this filter? I read through 60 reviews on this filter on ebay and 99% of them gave it 5 stars and said it was awesome. I want to buy 2 of these for my 125 gallon tank. This filter is rated at 530 gallons per hour, so with 2 i think they would be fine. Even...
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    Stocking a 327 gallon!!!

    What up everyone, its been a while since i have been on here and i finally got my dream tank!! Its 30x30x84. 327 gallons!!! Will have a 125 gallon sump. Looking for some stocking ideas. Some fish that i will be getting are as followed and im looking for schools and numbers of each fish that...
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    Bad algae problem

    I am having very bad algae problems and dont know why. Its on my sand, plants, rocks, glass driftwood. I am having nitrate problems due to my tap having 20ppm in it( currently doing things to help with this issue). My lights are on ten hours a day as i have a heavily planted tank. Im to the...
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    Nitrates in my tap water

    So i have been noticing my nitrates rising quickly even after the large frequent water changes i do. So i tested my tap water and its at 20-30 ppm straight out of the tap!!! No wonder my nitrates are getting up to 40ppm!! So what do i do? I do 25 percent changes every monday wednesday friday...
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    Changing subtrates on running tank.

    I have light colored sand in my 125 gallon tank, i want to switch it back to gravel. How do i go about this on a tank that has fish and decor in it.
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    Urgent help

    I have 2 AC 110 on my 125 gallon tank. O shut them off yesterday while i did my water change and when i turned them back on one had the motor lock up from sand. I took it apart and put the impeller out and cleaned it off and cleaned out the motor and put it back together. It now works but still...
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    Sump for 125 gallon

    How do i set up a sump for a tank already in use that isnt drilled. What do i need? How big of a sump?
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    A second 125 with african cichlids

    So i finally have my second 125 tank almost ready to go and want to stock it with afican cichlids. Haps? Peacocks? Mbunas? How many? Ratio of m/f? LeoDiaz
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    Mysterious oscar death

    So i woke up this morning to my oscar being dead. Ammonia 0, nitrites 0, nitrates 15. He never looked sick or pale. He was as outgoing as he ever is as of 11pm last night when i went to bed. So somewhere between 11 and 430 he died. Now i dont think this is possible, but he always liked to swim...

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