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  1. Julabean

    Ongoing Brown Diatom Problems

    So far I've tried a chunk of blanched cucumber and the Corys seemed to like it a lot, along with the Ottos. I also put in some algae wafers, which both types of fish love. I plan to try the zucchini and spinach.
  2. Julabean

    Ongoing Brown Diatom Problems

    I was amazed at how quickly they started eating the diatoms. It was so bad on my plants before the Ottos that I had to wipe each leaf off by hand, but now they're all almost cleaned off. It was also all over my substrate (Seachem Flourite Black), which made the whole tank look dirty. Between the...
  3. Julabean

    Ongoing Brown Diatom Problems

    I put them in the tank yesterday afternoon and when I woke up this morning one of my statues, which was covered in so much algae that you couldn't tell what the original color was, was cleaned off half way! I love them, too! They're adorable. I think 3 is the perfect amount for my 30 gallon...
  4. Julabean

    Ongoing Brown Diatom Problems

    I brought home 3 Ottos yesterday from my LPS (not a chain store, a real one). As soon as they went in the tank they went to work. They are definitely relentless, voracious eaters. They have already made good work of the diatoms on my plants. Thanks for the My new Ottos joined my tank yesterday...
  5. Julabean

    Ongoing Brown Diatom Problems

    I read the water report for the town I live in and tested my water and, luckily, it doesn't have silicates. My husband thought it might be caused by the lava rocks, but they don't contain silicates either. All of my water parameters are great. I plan to use distilled water for my next water...
  6. Julabean

    Ongoing Brown Diatom Problems

    I have a 55 gallon long planted tank that has been set up for 8 months. For the past few weeks I have been battling with brown "algae" all over my plants, decorations, and glass. I rub it off of my plants' leaves and clean the glass with paper towels. I've scrubbed the statues, too, but the...
  7. Julabean

    What Do You Guys Think

    What a gorgeous tank with such healthy plant growth. My plants are still relatively new, so I'm waiting for them to fill in. Keep us posted with new pictures.
  8. Julabean

    Taco's New Tank

    Thank you. I ordered a pack of 4 smaller pieces from Amazon and glued two of them together. Thank you. I planted some Dwarf Hair Grass 2 weeks ago and it's doing great. I think my handsome little fish likes his new home. He's a lot more active now.
  9. Julabean

    Substrate...for Plants

    Are you planning to use it in your 55 gallon tank? Carib Sea recommends 1 pound per each gallon of water and a thickness of 2-3 inches on the bottom. I am buying 3 bags to do my new 40 gallon with, which will give me 2-2 1/2" of the substrate. I'm not surprised that Amazon is a lot cheaper than...
  10. Julabean

    Substrate...for Plants

    I changed out the new substrate for the old in a few hours. I didn't even have to take my fish out, just 50% of the water to cut down on cloudiness. I scooped out the gravel with a plastic pint container that is used strictly for my tank, one scoop at a time. I didn't vacuum after it was all out...
  11. Julabean

    Question Is It Okay For Bettas To Eat From The Surface Of The Water?

    I've always heard that Bettas are surface feeders so that's the way I feed mine. He won't eat the pellets or blood worms once they enter the water column or sink to the bottom.
  12. Julabean

    Okay Substrate For Plants

    I use a 1/2" layer of red lava sand and capped it with Seachem Flourite Black. They also make a red version.
  13. Julabean

    Substrate...for Plants

    I made the same mistake when I first set up my 30 gallon with regular gravel. At that point I didn't know anything about live plants. When I decided to buy some they didn't do well in the gravel. I drained 50% of the water, slowly scooped out the gravel, and replaced it with Seachem Flourite...
  14. Julabean

    The End Is In Sight...

    This is a picture of the new tank I'm hoping to get. I got my husband to agree to it, now I'm waiting to hear back from the seller. Fingers crossed that it's still available!
  15. Julabean

    The End Is In Sight...

    The attached picture is just a reference to how I want to place my branches; it's someone else's tank (but I would definitely get a variety of tetras!). We have an angelfish, 5 neon tetras, 2 albino cory catfish, and 6 glofish (2 pink, 3 green, 1 orange) in our 30 long. I've finished all of the...
  16. Julabean

    The End Is In Sight...

    I've been rescaping my 30 gallon long, slowly phasing out the old decor to make room for some aqua and hardscaping. I made a cave with lava rocks I bought at Home Depot, Loctite sealant, and then filled in the cracks with Christmas Moss. My finishing touches will be some branches of Manzanita...
  17. Julabean

    How Do Y'all Get Your Wood To Stay?

    I used the cigarette filter method. You take a new cigarette or tube, break the filter off, peel off the paper around the fuzzy cotton. The cotton is what you'll be using. Use super glue gel to keep the pieces together for now. Insert part of the cotton in between areas where the wood meets, but...
  18. Julabean

    Preference Between Kit Tanks And Buying Everything Separate?

    I bought my 10 gallon long as a kit. Because it's a planted tank I upgraded the lighting. You always have the option to upgrade pieces on your own schedule.
  19. Julabean

    First Tank Ever - Hardscape Attempt

    Wow! Your hardscape is absolutely stunning! I love Dragonstone, but don't have enough space for it in my 30 long. You can find Monte Carlo for cheap on Ebay or on . Good luck with the plants. That is still a work in progress for me. I just overhauled my tank and the last step is to add some...
  20. Julabean

    5 Gallon Tank

    I was told that you should always have at least a 5 gallon for a Betta so that's what I got. Taco loves it. It's enough space to do some aquascaping with plants, rocks, and/or wood. I used 2 of the 5 pieces of spider wood to make a sculpture. I bought them on Amazon for less than $10. There are...

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