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  1. shutterbug13

    Birthdays : D

    Happy birthday, @Lchi87!!!
  2. shutterbug13

    Art - Just What I Do

    Beautiful drawing, @Annie59! I'm awful at drawing, painting, etc. but I love photography.
  3. shutterbug13

    Water From A Water Softener?

    I have a salt-based water softener, so as AquaticJ said, the magnesium and calcium ions are replaced by sodium ions, but mine will also filter out the salt afterwards. I still don't use softened water (I just bypass the water softener when doing water changes) because the fish need the minerals...
  4. shutterbug13

    Shutterbug's Tanks And Fishes

    Guys, breeding my pearl danios this summer was extremely successful, I currently have 100+ fry! I wasn't anticipating this many so I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them all. My salvinia grew like crazy outside, my vals did decently but the rest of the plants didn't do much. On vacation I...
  5. shutterbug13

    Aquatic Experience Nj

    Thank you so much for trying, I really appreciate it. Sorry I missed you. I'll talk to you soon about some plants after I make a trip to my LFS and see what I pick up there. Thanks again!
  6. shutterbug13

    Aquatic Experience Nj

    I got some shrimp (amano and blue dream), two pieces of spiderwood, and a ton of free food samples. I post some pictures soon.
  7. shutterbug13

    Aquatic Experience Nj

    I’m waiting by the doors (I’m wearing a turquoise plaid shirt if that helps identify me)
  8. shutterbug13

    Aquatic Experience Nj

    I just arrived! See you guys at noon!
  9. shutterbug13

    Aquatic Experience Nj

    I have plenty of root tabs already. Thanks for the offer though!
  10. shutterbug13

    Aquatic Experience Nj

    I don't really have a preference, whatever is easier for you. Thank you so much!
  11. shutterbug13

    Aquatic Experience Nj

    I have a ton of salvinia if anyone wants any, just tell me! @DarkOne, I would be interested in some anacharis and vals. Beautiful tank btw!
  12. shutterbug13

    Aquatic Experience Nj

    I'll be there on Saturday! I'll probably arrive around 9:30 since I can pick up my tickets any time after 9, I do have to leave around 4 though
  13. shutterbug13

    Question How many fish tanks do you have?

    I have five plus a pool. 2x29 gallon, one is my community display tank and the other is generally in storage; I used it to grow plants over the summer. 1x20 gallon, also generally in storage but I'm currently using it for growing out fry. 1x10 gallon, my betta tank. 1x5.5 gallon, my...
  14. shutterbug13

    Shutterbug's Tanks And Fishes

    Ugh, I've been really busy over the summer so I haven't been on here for months Anyway, I have some exciting stuff to post soon! Hopefully I'll have some time soon to take and post pictures.
  15. shutterbug13

    Question Unpopular Fish Opinions

    Wait, when were you made a moderator?! Congratulations, you'll be great!
  16. shutterbug13

    Hello From Virginia! :)

    Welcome to Fishlore! Your animals are so cute, especially your dogs and cats!
  17. shutterbug13

    How Much Are My Fish Worth

    I can't help with prices but you actually can sell them on here if you post it in the buy, sell, trade section; you have enough posts.
  18. shutterbug13

    I Put A Jewel Cichlid In A Community Tank

    African cichlids generally aren't community friendly. If you want to keep cichlids in a community, dwarf cichlids such as German blue rams, Bolivian rams, or apistos are your best bet.
  19. shutterbug13

    What Camera Do You Use?

    I use my Nikon d7100 which is also on the expensive side compared to point and shoots. If you are looking for a nice camera but most of them are too expensive, I recommend looking in the used section of B&H Photo and Video (). They are a very good dealer. Use dpreview to check any cameras you...
  20. shutterbug13

    10 Gallon Stocking Ideas?

    Here's the link to all the fish that can go in a ten gallon: Stocking List for 10 Gallons You can do up to twelve of one type of schooling fish. Some of the more common options are chili rasboras (currently at the top of my next-fish-to-get list), celestial pearl danios, green neon tetras (not...

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