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  1. Eylisia


    I have fry! Am gobsmacked, was not expecting that. I saw the Kenyi playing a few weeks ago, but didn't expect anything to get above egg or very small fry. Well I've seen 2 today, I guess the massive amounts of grottos, caves and plants give them a chance. They are about a quarter inch or so...
  2. Eylisia

    My 55G Malawi tank

    My 55G Malawi tank (updated) It's starting to look decent lol Am quite certain I'm not done, but at least am out of the awkward "starting up" phase ;D
  3. Eylisia

    Mr. Puff

    He sleeps with his tail curled around himself, it is soo adorable ;D My previous puffer never did this, does anyone elses? Oh, and he didn't eat the shrimp, I am super impressed lol
  4. Eylisia

    Does anyone have Bumblebee (Brachygobius) gobys?

    Anywhere near me? Am in Springfield MO, and it is seems to be rather hard to get a hold of them here.
  5. Eylisia

    Norwegian transplant to US saying heylo :o)

    Hi there, a little about me: I've had fish for about 12 years, my first fish were various livebearers, which seems to be a very common starting place It only took about half a year, then I bought a bigger aquarium and started on SA cichlids. I liked those, but fell hard for africans when...

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