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    60 Gallon Tank Pterophyllum Leopoldi Tank

    I'm looking at getting some leopoldi angels for my 60 gallon tank. The tank is 38" by 20" by 20" The tank already has two 12 cm yoyo loaches (these are 3 years old and fully grown) and 8 black phantom tetras. I want to add 6 or 8 Leopoldi angels to the tank (preferably 8) but wasn't too sure if...
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    Question 60g Discus Tank

    I have a 260 Litre (60g) tank with 9 Black phantom tetras (was 10), two large 5.5 inch Yoyo Loaches and one adult male veiltail angelfish. I have just purchased a Cinta Malaysian white/gold Albino Discus and plan to buy at least 3 more. Giving me a group of 4. My question was could I have 6...
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    Sailfin Tang In 60g

    I have a 60g 3ft by 22" by 20" tank that currently only has one Extreme snowflake clown, 1 bangaii cardinal, 1 coral cardinal, a black bar chromis and a lawnmower blenny. We have a 2" sailfin tang at work (i work at my lfs) and I really wanna get one for my tank. How long would a sailfin last...
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    Skunk Clowns Hosting

    I have a Toxic Green Haddoni that my 1 Extreme snowflake clownfish doesn't host in. I like the orange skunk clownfish that are at work (i work at my lfs) and I want to get a few more opinions on whether 2-5 skunk clowns could co-exist with my one perc clown while the skunk clowns are also still...
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    Blue Tang In 3ft 60g

    I have a red sea max 250L (the true 60 gallon) Someone locally has offered me a 3" blue tang for free and they are usually about $85-$100 I'm well aware how big they get and I know I would need to move it on in a year or two but for now would he be ok? Current stocking is a pair of perc clowns...
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    First Reefstock Australia! (an Article)

    This weekend (11th & 12th of August 2018) the First Annual Reefstock Australia, hosted by Jake Adams aka Reef Builders, was held. The show was held at the Stamford Plaza Hotel in Sydney, doors opened at 10am and closed at 6pm (4pm on the thursday). There was a total of 36 vendors and 8...
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    Weir/overflow Refugium Experiment

    I have a Red Sea Max 250 (the old one with the hood and weir etc) that I want to do an experiment with the weir or my phosband reactor. I want to try using some Chaeto macro algae and putting it in my weird (without any light source) but I wanted to know if that would work or if the Chaeto or if...
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    Stress Killed My Lionfish

    *Edit:* I'm now dedicating this thread to a discussion about how dangerous stress can be to a fish. My lion was an example of how stress can easily become too much for some fish. I got a dwarf zebra lionfish yesterday that is about 3.5" long that is currently in QT to later be added to my 250L...
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    Breeding Samurai Gourami Outside

    So, I live in Australia and spring and summer is only 4 weeks away and I've just set up my 100L (25g) tank outside for breeding. I have loads of driftwood, sand, IAL, light plants and floaters to block a lot of the sun (about 2-4 hours of direct light and 3.5 hours of filtered light) I want to...
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    Haddoni Anemone In Red Sea 250??

    Hi Everyone. So I have recently upgraded my 100L (25g) reef tank up to a Red Sea 250 C-Max (The true 250L with the weir, not a sump) and was wondering if I could have a Haddoni Nem in it? I would say I'm not an expert reefer but I'm certainly not a beginner. I have 1/3 of the tank filled with my...
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    Is This Overstocked? (i Think Is Is)

    So I've got my 55 Tall tank that I've had for about a year and I'm starting to realise how much is in there that may be overstocking it. I have in my tank; 1 pair of Angelfish 4 Empire Gudgeons 4 or 5 Kuhlis (I never see them so I think a few have died) 1 Pair of Bolivian Ram 1 Peppermint...
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    What Are Some Crazy Fish For A Nano Reef?

    So I have a 100L (26g) Nano reef that I want to add some cool looking fish such as maybe a waspfish or frogfish. Buuut here is Australia Frogfish start at $450 and I've never seen a waspfish before so I don't even know how much they'd be. But what I want to know is what are some really cool...
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    Seahorses And Pipefish In A Reef Tank???

    So I have my 100L (26g) Nano Reef tank that currently houses my pair of clowns, 1 yellow clown goby, 1 yellow coris wrasse and 1 blue sapphire damsel. Coral wise I have; Xenia, Coraliamorph, Elegance, Zoas, Photosynthetic Gorgonian, Alveopora, fungia plate, duncan and hammer corals. I also have...
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    Purple Bta Bubbling But Not Bubbling?

    So I have this Purple Tip BTA that is about 7" or 8" in diameter. It lost its bubbles after day one in my tank but I read that when a BTA loses its bubbles it will extend it arms. Well when mine lost its bubbles its arms stayed short (only about 1"-1.5" long) Is it normal to keep its short...
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    Long Horn Cow Fish In My 100l Reef?

    So currently my 100L (26g) reef is stocked with a pair of ocellaris Clownfish, a yellow coris wrasse (the 3" type not the 1' type) and a sapphire damsel. At my LFS there has just popped up this small horned cow fish that is about golf ball size. What I wanted to know was how long would it last...
  16. GetFreshedAquariums

    8 Gallon Mini Reef Stocking

    So in about 2 months from now my 8gal mini reef will be ready for fish. I only want 1 or 2 fish, preferably not a pair of clownfish and it needs to be something that is readily available in Australia. Would seahorses or just a pair of coral banded shrimp work? Thanks for any inputs.
  17. GetFreshedAquariums

    "instant" Cycle For Marine Aquarium?

    I'm setting up a small tank to spawn my clownfish in as a project to do over the Christmas holidays. I filled the tank up with 50% water from my display and 50% fresh ocean water. I then put 2 large pieces of live rock from my display in there that are already covered in coraline algae etc. I'm...
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    Can My Cracked Tank Be Repaired? Help!

    So I have a 40 breeder that's been sitting empty for a while because the bottom panel is cracked in two pieces. If it were not for the silicone on the sides I would have 2 pieces of glass. The tank is still whole though. What I'm asking is can I repair this crack by covering it with lots of AQ...
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    Will Yellow Coris Wrasse Jump

    Yesterday I got a yellow coris wrasse (sometimes called banana wrasse (its not the huge type)) I normally have lids on my reef but I want to remove them as I enjoy the look of a Lidless reef. If I remove the lids on my reef will my wrasse jump?
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    Converting Freshwater Media To Saltwater

    I have a large bag of cycled freshwater media from my 3 month old tank. I want to use this media in my 100L/26g nano reef. But can I just put the FW media straight into my SW tank or do I have to let the FW stuff dry out before I can convert it to SW? I want to add this extra filtration because...

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