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    What Should I Put In My 60 Gallon Tank?

    I just got a new 60gallon freshwater tank and I need some ideas on what to stock it with. Any suggestions? So far I’ve been thinking of putting fancy goldfish... I also have 110 gallon aqueon canister filter..
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    Betta In Community Tank?

    I have a heavily planted community tank and lately I’ve been thinking of adding a male betta in it, however I’m scared it may attack my other fish. Here is a list of the fish in my tank as of now: -8 guppies -6 pink danios -5 neon tetras -5 rummynose -5 albino cories -3 dwarf gouramis -3 balloon...
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    Is My Guppy Pregnant?

    i just got a female guppy from the pet store but by the time I got home I noticed she looked pregnant. Is this true because I was hoping I can breed her with one my male cobra guppies. Here are some pictures..
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    All My Fish Are Dead

    OK SO BASICALLY I WAITED FOR TWO MONTHS FOR MY TANK TO CYCLE AND IT DID. The parameters were 0 ammonia 0 nitrites and 10 nitrates so I decided to add my fish from my previous tank and get new fish. So once I added them in they all seemed fine and were swimming around until a week later half of...
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    Starting A 20g Tank...

    I’m starting my first salt water tank and this is my plan so far: 20 gallon long Using bio spira to cycle Adding live rock and sand in at first (maybe corals later) Stock list: 2 clownfish 1 purple goby 1 fire fish 1 yellow watchman goby Peppermint or fire shrimp Snails IF anyone has some...
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    Guppy Keeps Staying On The Top?

    i just cycled my tank and added five neon tetras and my previously owned guppy into my 35 gallon. Although for some reason, the guppy keeps staying on the top and barely moving. Can someone tell me whats wrong? He was fine in my ten gallon and swimming around no problem but after transferring...
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    Is My Tank Cycled?

    I’ve been cycling my planted 35 gallon for about two months and during that time my ammonia went from 8ppm to finally 0ppm. Although, during this time no nitrites were present. Is this normal? And if so, is my tank cycled and is it safe to add fish? This was a fishless cycle btw and the ammonia...
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    Can I Put A Boxfish In A 20 Gallon Long?

    I saw this super cute boxfish about the size of a fingertip which is really small. I heard cowfish need 100 gallons and pufferfish need 40 and up. What about boxfish? I have a 20 gallon long so I was hoping I could put a one in it. Here is the picture of the ones I saw.
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    High Ammonia And Nitrates But No Nitrites???

    im been trying to cycle my 35 gallon planted tank and done multiple water changes for 4 weeks now. The reading is always 1ppm or above and the nitrate reading is always 5ppm or above. But there’s always 0 signs of nitrites. Why is this happening?? And how do I get it to cycle?? I can’t seem to...
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    How To Lower 8.0ppm Ammonia??

    i recently started a freshwater tank and I plan to plant it. After adding soil the ammonia spiked up to 8.0ppm. How do I lower the ammonia?? People say plants eat ammonia but I feel like it’s way too much to put plants in. All help is appreciated thank you!!
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    How To Plant Carpet Plants??

    im starting a freshwater planted aquarium but I’m wondering how do I plant carpet plants? Are there like seeds I have to plant or ?? Also what are the best carpet plants? Monte Carlo and dwarf baby tears seem nice. Also how do people put trees in their aquarium? Do you just buy them at the...
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    Ammonia Is Super High!!

    hi, I just set up my new 35 gallon tank and decided to do the fish less cycle. It’s been a few days and I decided to test the water. The ammonia level is at 8.0ppm !! I didn’t do anything to the water, all I did was add the substrate, start the fliter and heater then let it run for a few days...
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    Why Is My Clownfish Not Getting Along With My Guppies?

    so my 10 gal freshwater tank is all cycled and so far I added 4 guppies and one clownfish. I realized after a few days my guppies seem to be afraid of my clownfish. Why is this happening can someone explain??
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    What Should I Put In My 35 Gallon Tank?

    im planning to start a freshwater planted tank and I need some ideas on what to put in it. Here are some fish I want to include: neon tetras guppies angelfish black moor fish shrimp (ghost, cherry) otto algae eater or corydoras glass fish
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    20 Gal Long Stocking Ideas?

    I was thinking a clownfish pair, royal gramma and a firefish (maybe a clown goby?) i was also thinking some snails and hermits.. what do you guys think?
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    Fish For 15 Gallon Tank?

    what are some fish I can add in my 15 gallon FOWLR tank? I was thinking a pair of clown fish but what else? Thanks !

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