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  1. PokeTileCraft101

    Pvc Cleaning

    Hey i just bought some pvc for my breeding tank and i was wondering how should i go about cleaning the pvc? They will be used for pleco breeding caves
  2. PokeTileCraft101

    37 Gallon Breeding For Profit Tank

    This thread will be my logging of a 37 gallon i just got. I will be using it to breed for profit and i will be logging the costs and progress of this tank. I hope this tank will help others who want to breed for profit and can learn from any of my mistakes and successes. Enjoy! So for starters...
  3. PokeTileCraft101

    Help Purple Cherry Shrimp

    I was looking through my cherry shrimp tank and one was purple? Does anyone know why?
  4. PokeTileCraft101

    Summer Tubbing Questions

    Hello. I have been watching a lot of videos on summer tubbing lately and i finally want to do it. But where i want to put it (on my patio where there is shade and the only place i can put them) has a grill right next to where i want them (no more than a foot away) has a grill next to it. Will...
  5. PokeTileCraft101

    Aphyosemion Australe Killifish Eggs

    I have bought a piar of australe killifish and i have been breeding them. They are in a five gallon aquarium where i have a sponge filter and a spawning mop. The female stays in the aquarium and the male stays in another aquarium for one week then i will put them together for a few days, then...
  6. PokeTileCraft101

    Brine Shrimp

    Not sure if this is in the right place. So i bought some live adult brine shrimp when i was in Austin earlier today as i bought a pair of orange killifish that i want to breed. The question i have is what is the best thing to do to keep them alive for as long as i can.
  7. PokeTileCraft101

    Help Soap And Fish Tanks

    So today I went to my grandparents to visit them and I saw that my grandmother had decided to “clean” her ten gallon aquarium. When I asked her what she used she said fish soap. I froze and had to inform why that’s not a good idea. Welp too late now but she did want to let go of the tank so I...
  8. PokeTileCraft101

    Breeding Journal

    For starters, I'm gonna start at the beginning of this whole project. Around November 21st (sadly I cannot remember the exact day I got the aquarium) I picked up an aquarium from a guy who had had it for 20+ years and it came with 2 bristlenose plecos (male and female) and a 22-year-old 7-inch...
  9. PokeTileCraft101

    Bristlenose Pleco Babies

    So today i was going thorughmy 29 gallon aquarium and i wanted to move some decoration to make the cave for my bristlenose male be a little more secure. So i started moving things around and i took out the actual cave out and put it in a bucket and babies were in it. the babies have huge yolk...
  10. PokeTileCraft101

    I Have No Idea What This Is

    So i was grabbing some snails from my 5.5 gallon to feed my pea puffers and i noticed this floating in the corner. does anyone know what is is.Picture up soon oh and the stocking is two female mollies, 1 female guppy, and two juvenile guppies. As for a small clean up crew i have 4 ghost...
  11. PokeTileCraft101

    Can Hornwort Bud?

    I have been keeping hornwort since i first started the hobby. its been great and useful plants in all of my fish tanks. but recently i was removing some for a new breeding tank and saw that a peice i took out was creating what looked liked flowers. Has anyone else dealt with this or is it just...
  12. PokeTileCraft101

    Preserved Coral?

    So i know nothing about keeping saltwater aquariums. i love frshwatermore. its fun and my favorite part is the plants. but recently a family member gave me a coral, when he gave it to me he told me that when he went to a knew pet store that opened the owner gave him some dried/preserved coral...
  13. PokeTileCraft101


    Just need some help identifying
  14. PokeTileCraft101

    Cherry Shrimp Exoskeleton

    No clue what happened or if a disease
  15. PokeTileCraft101

    From The Beginning To Now

    I just wanted to make a little post to see anyones tank/tanks from the begginning to what it is now. The whole reason i started this post was becuase i went through some old posts and saw a photo of a tank i dont own any more and just got all happy seeing where i once was to where i am now. So...
  16. PokeTileCraft101

    Ich Treatment Questions

    So i just recently transferred everything from my 55 gallon tank to a 75 (even most of the water), and also got some new fish. Today i noticed that my fish had gotten ich, and wondered if i should use heat or tetra ick gaurd. My only concern is i have shrimp in this tank as well. SO what would...
  17. PokeTileCraft101

    Parasites/little Creatures

    For the past few months, i have been just doing the normal things for an aquarium. Recently i bought a yoyo loach, and noticed that the ghost shrimp i put in my tank a few months ago is still alive. I set up a little 2.5 gallon tank for him with java moss, flame moss, and hornwort. Today while...
  18. PokeTileCraft101

    Betta Plans

    In the next few month i would like to get two twenty gallon tanks and put my platys and guppies in them so i can have room for some more neon tetras and hopefully a Betta in my 55 gallon tank. Is this a good idea to have a betta in there and if so what other fish could i have with it. (Ive never...
  19. PokeTileCraft101

    Pregnant Guppy

    So just an hour or 2 ago i bought some more items such as a gravel vac breeder box and some new fish. With them included 1 male guppy,4 female guppies and 11 (1 for free but sadly is dying). One of the females is really pregnant and im wondering how long until she gives birth (pictures up in a...
  20. PokeTileCraft101

    Snail Methods

    Im posting this because im curious on your methods of dealing with pest snails. Although i dont have a problem at the moment it would be interesting to hear your methods.

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