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  1. Gwenz

    Moving the tank...

    I'm redecorating my room and need to move my 7.5gall tank. Whats the best way to do it? thanks Gwenz P.S.- I'm getting rid of the 15gall...:-\
  2. Gwenz

    Need a bit of advice...

    Hi everyone! Ok, so i havent been on Fishlore for ages because of exams etc... but I'm getting bored of my 15gall having hardly anything in it. I want to get a betta and have it in the 15gall with some corries. But not sure weather to do it or not... Some of you may know that i tried this...
  3. Gwenz

    Wow! haven't been here in soooo long!

    Well Hi! I havn't been here in ages! Just thought i'd pop in! I hve so much school work atm that i don't hve much time for my fish, but i still love them! One of my guppies died the other day but still hve 8 other guppies left. (3 male, 5 female) + still hve 4 shrimp 2. How's everyone else...
  4. Gwenz

    Any suggestions on good filters available in uk?

    Any suggestions on good filters available? Hi again! I've been using a duetto 50 filter in my7.5gall tank for about a year now and have swaped it once before during that year as the other stopped working, but i found with both that they clogged up easily and almost always need cleaning. It's...
  5. Gwenz

    Hi Everybody!

    Hey i'm back after what seems to be 2 months! It's been too long guys! I have to start coming back on here more often, i miss speaking to y'all! I been real busy with work and school and stuff, then it was christmas and new year etc., just too much going on at the mo! I promise to pop in more...
  6. Gwenz

    Hey! haven't been here for what seems like ages.

    Probably hasn't really been that long, but seems like its been ages since i last came on. Just thought id let everyone know all is well. I still have both female guppies (and one seems to have been pregnant for ages!) lol + I have 5 6week old fry and just found 4 more tiny little fry tonight. ...
  7. Gwenz

    grrrr homework!!!

    So much homework! Its soo annoying and its getting me in such a bad mood. I'v been back 4 weeks and had to do 10 essays and had 1 test + a load of other homework for maths etc.. Its just way too much work! Teachers must think we don't have a life or something! sorry, just it getts on my...
  8. Gwenz

    Even more fry!

    got home from school today and found a few more fry born today. tiny compared to the others now! The net was getting a bit small and dangerous (kept knocking it so the fry swam out so had to catch them all again) so i bought a breeder box to put them all in. I have 7 ne guppy fry and...
  9. Gwenz

    I've come across a problem...

    um... well, my 7.5gall is due a water change, badly, (basically haven't done one in a while) but, the way i've set up the net for the fry in means when i take water out of the tank, the water won't reach the net, + the net needs a good clean too. What can i do? Should i take the fry out of the...
  10. Gwenz

    Sudden Death. What was wrong?

    Spot (my male guppie) died today. I really have no idea why!:'( He was fine last night and this morning and has been eating fine and swimming with the females etc., but i got home from school and he was dead on the bottom of the tank. Don't know how or why... :-\ 1 thing i did notice tho was...
  11. Gwenz

    oooops! Accidentily closed a post!

    ooops! I accidentally "Closed" a thread just now. Is there a way to Open it again or not? its this thread: Gwenz:-\
  12. Gwenz

    I have fry!

    ;D I woke up today and thought "omg whats that swimming around in my tank?" then i realised it was a tiny little fry! Then i found another one and another and eventually i found 6. Don't know if theres any more yet. When i found them i balanced a this big net i have on the side of the tank...
  13. Gwenz

    RESOLVED - Is there a way to quote a post quote a post after you've pressed the reply botton? Before, we had a button to quote on the acctual posts where we read it (which we still have now), but before, after we'd pressed the reply button we could scroll down there and quote from there as well. IS there a way to do this now...
  14. Gwenz

    OMG i used to be such a lier! lol... sorry!!!

    Lol. Earlier today, i got a bit bored so decided to try and find my way around the new forum to try and get used to it. I clicked on the "my threads" button and looked at all the old posts i made from when i first started back in April 2006 when i was 14! I was reading some of them and can't...
  15. Gwenz

    My new guppies

    My new female guppies + Spot snuck into a few! hehe Gwenz
  16. Gwenz

    How do i use smilies, change colour, make writing bold etc. in posts?

    On the old forum we had loads of new smilies? are these going to be re-added? if they already have, how do i use them? + How do i make the writing bold, or change its colour etc in the posts? We used to be able to make the wring move, put glowing colour around it, change the colour, change...
  17. Gwenz

    Got 2 female guppies today

    Hi. I got 2 female guppies today and i already have a male (spot). Even tho in my lfs the females were in a female only tank, one of my females is deffinately pregnant i think. How can i tell for sure? And how will I know when she will give birth to them? Thanks Gwenz Any idea's? Thanks. They...
  18. Gwenz

    whats happened on this section (announcments/suggestions board)?

    All the posts are mixed up. Theres posts from 2006 mixed in at the top of the board with ones from 2007. How do i get the most recent ones on top? thanks Gwenz
  19. Gwenz

    Homework help! Anyone heard of Edward Albee?

    Hi! I need some help. In english we're studying american authors/writers and we were split into groups and have to find out information about certain american authors. Each group was given a different author. I for one know nothing about american authors and thought maybe sombody here might be...
  20. Gwenz

    What do you do with your fry?

    Hi! I was thinking of getting some female guppies to put in with my 1 male, because he getts lonely quite easily, but was just wondering what do you all do when you have fry? Do you sell them? or take them to the lfs? Just wondering. thanks Gwenz ;D

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