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  1. sloughdog

    Want To Buy Cpds

    Looking to buy 20+ cpds (galaxy rasbora). Must be willing to ship. Thank you.
  2. sloughdog

    Question Emerald Dwarf Rasboras

    I have had emerald dwarf rasboras for over 3 yrs and no matter how many I add to the shoal, I can’t get the fin nipping to stop. Anyone else have similar issues with their edr’s? The tank is planted, not as heavily as I like but getting there (upsized from 20 gal long to 29 gal). I had upwards...
  3. sloughdog

    Question When A School Becomes A Few

    i was wondering what others do when their school or shoal of a species of fish begins to die off and you are only down to a few fish. For example, I have a shoal of emerald dwarf rasbora that has slowly dwindled over the years to 6. I plan on ordering more but what do others do? Let them...
  4. sloughdog

    Co2 Tablets

    Has anyone tried CO2 in tablet form? I’ve run CO2 setups before but found CO2 in tablet form an am curious about it. Mixed reviews on amazon for the brand they have. Some different options on eBay too.
  5. sloughdog

    Want To Buy Siamese Algae Eater

    Looking to buy a few Crossocheilus siamensis. Preferably on the small side (less than 3”). Thank you!
  6. sloughdog

    Trins A+++++++

    I recently ordered from TRiN’s and wanted to give them a quick shout out. This is the 3rd time ordering from them and every time has been excellent. On this most recent order though I specifically asked them to hold the shipment because I would be unavailable to receive the package. There was a...
  7. sloughdog

    Bumblebee Goby & Petco

    I was fooled...awhile back I got a bumblebee goby on a whim from Petco. An awesome fish and was told it was the freshwater variety. There are several species of this goby and only 1 (as far as my research shows) that is true freshwater which is Brachygobius xanthomelas. So I noticed my goby...
  8. sloughdog

    Grieving Orca

    Has anyone been following the grieving Orca and her calf that was born and only lived for 1/2 hr? The mother has been carrying the calf with her going on 7 days now. We have just scratched the surface in our understanding of the natural world.... Here a link to one of many articles: Mother...
  9. sloughdog

    Impossible To Prove...

    but boy is it hilarious to watch! I’m convinced that my amano shrimp are pranksters. They will walk up on an unsuspecting fish that’s looking the other way and touch them with an sooner does the fish turn around, the shrimp scampers away! Meanwhile the fish is looking around half...
  10. sloughdog

    Buy Replacement Tank Or Not...

    Considering buying a new 20 gal long tank with the Petco $1 gallon sale to replace my current 20 gal long. Why???? Well I need to move my tank across the room the tank is currently in and want to rescape it anyways. It’s an old 20 gal with some scratches on the glass. I think I know the answer...
  11. sloughdog

    Wanted: Emerald Dwarf Rasboras

    im having issues with too many males in my shoal of EDRs. I need 6+ females. I made a post describing my issues on the boards if interested. Thank you
  12. sloughdog

    Emerald Dwarf Rasboras

    Celestichthys erythromicron I have kept these guys for several years now and have noticed when I do not have enough females in the shoal, fin nipping occurs. Recently, it’s become so bad that I’ve lost 2 of them, likely due to the stress of being harassed more than the nipping. It’s difficult...
  13. sloughdog

    Deep Blue Terra

    Anyone have experience with this company and their products? I emailed them to find a retailer near me as they only sell through dealers not online. I saw one of their Edge series aquariums at a mom n pop pet store and would have purchased it but the conditions they kept their tanks, reptiles...
  14. sloughdog

    Wtb Shrimp And/or Culls

    hey fishloreans I’m looking to buy shrimp. Neocaridina any color any grade. Want around 25-50. If you have culls, I’m interested. Thank you in advance
  15. sloughdog

    Big Sale Aquatic Arts

    I highly recommend this site for high quality, responsible, and mostly tanked raised fish/inverts. They are currently running a huge sale over the next few days. Admittedly, I have a bit of a soft spot for them as he let me use my sons adoption as part of their adoption program.
  16. sloughdog

    Pea Puffer Biotope Build

    Im working on upgrading my 5-6 gallon puffer tank to a 10 gallon puffer biotope tank. Looking to put 2 maybe 3 puffers in the 10. I’m going for a river-like biotope similar to the Pumba River with a tangle of driftwood, rock and heavily planted. Here’s what I have so far: Dirted capped with...
  17. sloughdog

    A 7 Day Cycle Complete...almost!

    Thank you to @Thunder_o_b....I had to try it and finally had the time to cycle my 10 gallon for my puffer. I could have done an instant cycle but wanted to experiment. Here is how it played out: Day 1: Ammonia 8.0+ (added 1 Tablespoon ammonia) pH: 8+ Day 2: Ammonia: Mrning: 8.0 Eve: 4.0...
  18. sloughdog

    Four Leaf Star Plant

    What’s the recommended way to trim four leaf star? And can the trimmings be replanted? Thank you
  19. sloughdog

    How Long Can Vals Go W/o Planting

    I had a setback in the tank my recently purchased vals were to be planted in. It might be a week or so until I can get them planted. I currently have them floating in another aquarium. How long can they stay floating? Should I just get a small Terra cotta pot with soil capped with sand and...
  20. sloughdog

    Allergy To Artemia

    I am wondering if anyone else has an allergic reaction to artemia? I’m not allergic to anything that I’m aware of nor have ever had allergy symptoms before. I eat seafood and have no food allergies. I feed frozen artemia that is thawed in warm water and recently noticed I began getting itchy...

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