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    How many pounds pool filter sand for 50 gallon planted tank

    Hello all - I am starting a new 50 gallon planted tank and have never used pool filter sand as a substrate. How many pounds pool filter sand for 50 gallon planted tank? Thank you for your interest!
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    Question Opinions On Sera Vipan Nature Tropical Flakes

    I try to feed my fish with a wide variety of foods including NLS, Bug Bites, Hikari Fancy Guppy etc. I am considering adding Sera Vipan Nature Tropical flakes as I've heard good things about this food. What do you all think about this food in particular?
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    Homemade Gel Food

    Okay - I whipped up a batch of gel food, primarily for my snails, but maybe for my guppies as well. My recipe: 1 4 ounces jar of baby food (pears, kale and spinach 2 tablespoons calcium carbonate 1 teaspoon Tetramin 1 teaspoon TetraColor 1 teaspoon NLS small fish formula 1 teaspoon Omega 1 fry...
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    Question Calcium, Magnesium And Zinc In Snello

    I only have calcium. magnesium and zinc tablets on hand. Are they okay to use in my home-made snello, or should I buy straight calcium carbonate powder?
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    Question Tannins And Guppies

    The buzz on the Internet is tannins. I don’t know if tannins are useful when raising guppies. My water from the tap is at 8.4 pH and very hard. This has proven ideal for my guppy’s, but I hear and read about the usefulness of tannins. I’m concerned about tannins reducing my pH out of the ideal...
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    Miraclegro Dry Fert

    Hi all- I’ Used Miraclegro general purpose dry fert on my terrestrial plants for years. I am setting up a small tropical pond in my backyard to breed and grow out some guppies. I plan on using water lettuce and other water column feeders. I just put the water in a few days ago and on a whim, I...
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    New To Planted Tanks

    I've kept aquarium fish for almost 50 years, but I am relatively new to heavily planted tanks. I am curious as to how much salt you keep in your planted tanks. I've always heard that plants are relatively adverse to salt, but I like to use salt for a variety of reasons. I would appreciate...
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    Hello Fellow Fish Lovers

    I'm new to Fishlore and am excited about this forum. I appreciate all the knowledge other members contribute for all to share. I appreciate the level of civility and courtesy that you display. I've stopped checking on some Facebook fish groups because of the profanity-filled rants and personal...

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