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    Ten Gallon Stocking

    Oh ok thanks every one for the input
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    Ten Gallon Stocking

    Ok so no corys that's ok would a snail be ok?
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    Can't Identify If Guppy Is Ill

    Initial stress maybe. I bought a pure dark blue guppy and he lightend up and developed patches of red/deep purple on his tail fin. Could be his adult colors.
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    Ten Gallon Stocking

    I currently have some guppies and 2 diffrent species corydoras (only 1 of each,I know I know bad idea) and I'm giving them to my brother who has a 20 gall long and he will get more. So I want to put a trio of dwarf sparkling gouramis and 4 panda corydoras and maybe a small school of chili...
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    What Happend To My Guppy?

    Well she might be done already look in the tank for fry in places like under leaves or in amongst the gravle they may have also been eaten already.
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    What Happend To My Guppy?

    If she is showing signs of stress and other fish bully her or you just want to save as many fry as possible yeah putting her into another tank is a good idea or you can put her into a breeder box and release her when she is totally done (mine take about a day or two.) Good luck
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    What Happend To My Guppy?

    She probably just dropped some of the fry. My guppy's do some fry here and some fry there. Shouldn't need to worry
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    Brownish Water

    Probably the wood but maybe from the looks of it could be that window on the left giving it to much light causing algae blooms.
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    What To Feed Glass/ghost Catfish That Bettas Won't Eat?

    Have you tried feeding the catfish at night?
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    Vacation Feeders

    Well since you're gone for three weeks that feeder might not work. Maybe try to get a freind or neighbor to check in on the fish and feed them every 3 days or so. Of you do make sure to portion out the food for each tank in a separate container like a zipblock bag.
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    What To Feed Glass/ghost Catfish That Bettas Won't Eat?

    Maybe small bottom fedder tablets.
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    Lone Molly Fry

    If he has survived past the food state he probably won't be eaten .
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    Mosquitofish Genetics

    They will not cross breed? I thought they would. Well that's ok.thanks for letting me know.
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    Mosquitofish Genetics

    Ok, thanks I will see if I can.
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    I Think Fish Has Popeye?

    I would think pop eye would affect both eyes but maybe it's just me. Maybe try salt. Sorry that I can't help much more
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    Mosquitofish Genetics

    Well the black speckles are very common.I myself have just started to try to hybridize them with guppy's to make a cold tolerant hardyer fish (hopefully with some color in them) to increase you're chances for a dalmatian you can go out and try to catch one or you can buy some and breed them...
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    Adding To A 26 Gal

    A shorter finned gourami species maybe
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    Anacharis From Bayou

    Clean it And even then it could still have parasites in it with may harm your fish so I wouldnt
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    Killifish Lying At The Bottom Of The Tank?

    A picture would help Some killifish species don't live but a year maybe he is dying
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    Brown Algae

    Lower the amount of time the tank gets light for Maybe get some snails

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