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    Help Pregnant? How Long Until Birth?

    Hey, just curious if my molly is pregnant, and if so whats a rough estimate when she'll give birth? And should I put her in a separate tank soon or a breeder box? (Black Molly) + Sorry for the quality, hard to take a good photo!!!
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    Is My Black Molly Pregnant? + Help!

    Hey, so basically i have a black female molly, which to me looks pregnant, but im not sure if its just a solid build up. Please help!! But the most concerning thing to me is a professional molly breeder and i identified 3 of my molly to be female. about two weeks after getting them, i started...
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    Any Worldwide Molly Store?

    I have a few mollies but only black, golden panda and yellow ones, ive looked in many places around where i live and even online stores in my area, i cant seem to find anywhere that ships or even has any other types. (New Zealand) I was wondering if anyone knew of a cheap online store that...
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    Are These Mollies Pregnant??

    I have another two mollies that may or may not be pregnant, i cant tell. I would normally think they aren't just yet but i had a molly around their size give birth recently, so im not 100% sure anymore. (sorry for bad quality, was bad lighting at the time)
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    Question Is My Molly Pregnant?

    Ive had a tank for multiple years now but decided to get another one and give mollies a go. A few days after i received the mollies ive noticed 2 of the females have gotten slightly larger, i know about mollies and how they give birth every 3-5 weeks (average) and wondered if my mollies are...

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