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  1. Sabit Safwat Rahman

    ID and gender

    could someone id these fish? I believe they're platties and let me know the gender of this particular one
  2. Sabit Safwat Rahman

    My 15g Tank

    I don't usually post my tank pics online, but I thought to share this with the community, maybe someone will have some inspiration from it.
  3. Sabit Safwat Rahman

    Guppy Or Endler

    Could someone Id these two fish?
  4. Sabit Safwat Rahman

    Identifying Assorted Fish

    I have a few fish from a LFS that I'd like ID'd. I'm looking for a pair of centerpiece fish for a 30G with 2 angelfish(not sure if a pair,been there since wee babies). I know the neon tetras and the pearl gouramis, but dont have positive id's on the rest. if you could ID them like "pic <number>...
  5. Sabit Safwat Rahman

    Finally My Shrimp Tank Is Underway

    I had started a post way back in December of planning to make a small shrimp tank as a DIY project, and kinda never got the chance because... life. I have finally been able to start the tank, but instead of making a new tank, i just repurposed my 15G original age-old tank. This is the current...
  6. Sabit Safwat Rahman

    Catfish Id

    My local lfs asked for my help in identifying these fish that they got, probably from a customer return, or a hitchhiker with other fish supply. The pictures are not the best, and if better pics are needed I may be able to get them tomorrow. It is a bit more than an inch long.
  7. Sabit Safwat Rahman

    Diy Shrimp Tank

    I've been thinking of making a DIY shrimp tank(mainly for cherry shrimps) of around 1.5' x 8" x10" (don't have much space). I'd like to use as little bought materials as possible and pretty much use what can be found in and around the household to furnish the tank. The idea is not so much to cut...
  8. Sabit Safwat Rahman

    Angelfish Gender

    Is it possible to sex these two angels? the black one is a couple of inches across(width and height), the white is marginally larger and stockier.
  9. Sabit Safwat Rahman

    Weird 'bugs'

    Could someone please help identify these things? It's a 30 gallon tank that only has guppies, cherry shrimps and a few pond snails in it. They swim around kinda like shrimps, don't seem to bother anything, seem to hang out where the algae concentration is higher, and nobody seems to be eating...
  10. Sabit Safwat Rahman

    Help Id These Fish Please

    Saw these at a local LFS and was wondering what they are. Would be grateful if anyone could ID them for me, and give a basic rundown of their max size, tank req., care, aggression etc, or point me to somewhere where I can read up.
  11. Sabit Safwat Rahman

    Please Help Identify The Fry

    Saved this fry from my adult tank a week or so ago, but it still does not show any colors. I only keep livebearers(big common black mollies, black and orange swordtail, mickey mouse platies, common (red) platies, assorted guppies) and "pink" danios. I know its not a guppy fry, because I'm...
  12. Sabit Safwat Rahman

    Please Help Id These Plants

    Could someone please help me identify these? All I got from the pet store is that these are some 'local' plants that grow very fast. If it helps: they have a rough 'hardish' texture, and the leaves don't just fall off like coontails.
  13. Sabit Safwat Rahman

    Mystery (for Me) Plants

    Hi all, Could someone help ID these plants? I'd like to know a few specific things about them 1. What they are commonly called or scientific names?(if possible, both) 2. Are they safe for aquarium fish and fish fries?(I primarily keep livebearers) 3. Do they help the aquarium? 4. Will they grow...
  14. Sabit Safwat Rahman

    Cherry Shrimp(?) Sexing

    Hi all, Could someone help me id/sex these shrimps? I've been told that they're cherry shrimps, and they're two males and two females, but I have no experience in shrimp keeping, so I can't be sure. The store I brought it from is reputed and usually does not mislabel fish, but I'd still like a...
  15. Sabit Safwat Rahman

    Guppy Edd/etd

    I've been breeding guppies for a little while now(few months), and till now all my females(6) have dropped fries the night I see the eyes of the fries through the gravid spot. The female pictured below is the only exception to date. She is definitely pregnant, with a clear gravid spot and I can...
  16. Sabit Safwat Rahman

    Type And Variety(?) Of Fish

    I just got these a little while ago for my livebearer tank, and would really like to know what type and breed of fish these are. The LFS says that these are swordtails, but I seriously doubt that. I think these are most likely platies of some sort, or could be mollies. I'd also like to know what...
  17. Sabit Safwat Rahman

    Cichlid(?) Id

    Could someone help identify these cichlids(I think they're cichlids)? and let me know their max size and if they can be kept in a livebearer community tank. Apologies for the picture quality, they were from a new roadside LFS(no regulations here really), and are dirt cheap. I'll try to get...
  18. Sabit Safwat Rahman

    Pleco Type And Gender Id

    Please help identify these plecos+gender(if at all possible). They are two different fish, larger one(left pic) is about 2", smaller(right pic) about 1.5". They don't fight with each other at all.
  19. Sabit Safwat Rahman

    Guppy Tank Questions

    Hello everyone. Firstly, this is my first post to this forum (to any pet related forum TBH), so if there are mistakes, please don't be too harsh. I have a 31.5 gallon cycled tank(here we measure in liters, hence the weird number, it's 120 liters) where I plan on keeping guppies. Right now, it...

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