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  1. aoiumi

    How Do I Heavily Plant A Tank

    I have a 5.5 gal (22L) betta tank, and I want to heavily plant it. Right now I have java ferns, an anubias, some duckweed, and an unknown rooting plant that A) is doing better than the rest combined, and B) seems to be a rooting bacopa. I wasn't planning on getting it and it's a happy surprise...
  2. aoiumi

    Does Charcoal Actually Release Stuff When It Gets Too Old?

    If I was using a carbon in my filter, would I need to change it at some point, or if I don't need it anymore could I just forget about it?
  3. aoiumi

    Is There Such A Thing As Too High Ph When Fishless Cycling?

    I'm doing a fishless cycle in my 5.5 gal, and (long story time) wanted to add my driftwood. However, the tank had very soft water, and I didn't want pH to drop. It was very good, at 7.6, but I wanted to add some KH, which I did by adding some sodium bicarbonate. (Baking soda.) Before I did that...
  4. aoiumi

    Question How To Quickly Raise Ph/kh While Fishless Cycling?

    I'm fishless cycling and want to raise the KH and possibly pH in the tank. There's a long story as to why this won't matter when I'm done cycling or why the water in the tank has such low levels, but, as far as I am aware the nitrifying bacteria won't mind a sudden parameter change. What can I...
  5. aoiumi

    Question How To Diy A Hood?

    I have a 5.5 gal I'm planning on using as a betta tank, which means I need a hood, but the hood that came with the tank won't fit the light I have. How can I make a hood for my tank, that will both give a place for the lights and keep the betta in? The LEDs are waterproof, so they can go on the...
  6. aoiumi

    What Is And Where To Find Pothos?

    What is pothos? I think it's a plant that helps clean nitrates, but am I right? If it is, where would I put it in my tank? Where could I buy it? What would I want to look for in a plant?
  7. aoiumi

    How Close To Cycled Am I?

    I set up a 5.5 gal tank 16 days ago, and am doing a fishless cycle with fish food. There are 2 Java ferns and a few dying duckweed, and very little light. One Java fern can from a tank with a very heavy bioload, but everything else was new. pH is 7.6, temp is 79. The entire time I've had it...
  8. aoiumi

    Question Why Are My Java Ferns Turning Clear?

    I recently set up a new 5.5 gal tank, currently doing a fishless cycle with fish food, and have noticed that parts of my two java ferns are turning clear. They still have a green color, and while fixing something else in the tank I touched a part of it and it felt the same as the rest of the...
  9. aoiumi

    Best Way To Attach Two Pieces Of Driftwood

    I'm planning on setting up a blackwater-ish betta tank with live plants and driftwood. I have the plants, IAL, substrate, driftwood, etc, and most everything is fine but... I need to attach pieces of driftwood together to turn it from long pieces of wood into something that looks more like the...
  10. aoiumi

    5 Gallon Tank Betta Or Mystery Snail?

    I'm doing a fishless cycle in my 5.5 gal (20.8L) right now. The tank has a Marineland Penguin 75GPH filter, Aqueon 50 watt heater, Smiful 4 watt LED colored light, 2 java ferns, and some duckweed. I have a few marimo moss balls I might add in at a later date. My tap water is unchlorinated well...
  11. aoiumi

    Can't Use B/s/t/f

    I have 50+ post but still can't use B/S/T/F forum. It's been a good 2 hours since I reached 50 post. Can anyone help?
  12. aoiumi

    5 Gallon Tank Betta + Snail(s)? Don't Want To Overload

    I'm setting up a 5.5 gallon (20.8L) betta tank and wanted to know what the best snails might be? I want to know if I'm going to have a much heavier bioload, or if the betta would probably bother the snails too much. In particular, I really like mystery snails, because they come in so many...
  13. aoiumi

    5 Gallon Tank Can I Have An Assassin Snail With My Betta

    I just set up a 5.5 gal tank. It's currently doing a fishless cycle, and when it's done I was planning on getting a betta. Last night, to my surprise, I found a snail! In a lightly planted tank with hides, could I keep an assassin snail along with the betta, or would it be too small?
  14. aoiumi

    Question Pest Snail?

    I'm on day four of a fishless cycle, and just found this dude in my tank. He's only in the very corner of the tank, and the shell is really translucent. I have a small light behind the tank and if it's the only thing on I can see straight through him. He's about half the size of a pea. I have...
  15. aoiumi

    Question Best Live Food For Bettas

    I'm planning on getting a betta soon and I was wondering what the best/most important things to live culture? I already have Omega One pellets but I wanted to culture something else as a supplement, and while daphnia look really easy I don't know if they would make a good supplement. What...
  16. aoiumi

    Funny Pre-cycled Tank

    3 days ago I set up a 5.5 gal (20.8 l) betta tank, and am doing a fishless cycle. today, and only today, I remembered that there is another tank, in my house, fully cycled, media full of all that good bacteria. whelp. time to skip like three months of waiting.
  17. aoiumi

    Question Cycle Just Started Or Already Done

    4 days ago I had a fully cycled tank (5.5 gal/20.8l) containing only a few plants and a dead fish. Due to many frustrations, 3 days ago I skipped a simple solution and broke down the entire tank, moving the plants to a 1.5 pot (technically a tank, but it's only use in life has been to hold...
  18. aoiumi

    Question How To Collect Water For Test Kit

    I was wondering how people collect the water when using a test kit? There are a few different ways and I was wondering what the pros and cons to all of them are. Of the top of my head I can think of: putting the vial in the tank water, using a syringe/dropper/siphon of some sort, and there may...
  19. aoiumi

    Best Water For Bettas

    I want to set up a betta tank and have read through the care sheet and found that people have a lot of different opinions about what you can/can't do concerning the water, such as Ph, Gh, conditioners, whether or not to use IAL, etc. So my questions are: What is the best water for bettas...
  20. aoiumi

    Question Sudden Ph Jump

    I'm doing a fishless cycle, and just set it up yesterday. It's a 5.5 gal tank with only 4.5 gallons of water in it right now. Yesterday the Ph was 7.0, and today when I tested it was 7.6. It doesn't matter right now since there's no fish and none of the plants would care (as much,) but I would...

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