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    It's been a while...

    Wow, it's been a long time since I've been here. I've been super busy with life. Anyway, today I am adding one male and three female guppies to my 29 gallon After several attempts at keeping other fish for a while, I lost my two bettas and decided to retire my 10 gallon and 1.5 gallon from...
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    Floyd in his 29 gallon kingdom with his subjects...

    That is King One Fin Floyd and his cory subjects.
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    My betta, Blizzard, in his 10 gallon tank.

    Here's Blizzard...always showing off...
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    Just wondering...

    I don't have any guppies anymore...they're all sadists and they killed each other. But I was just wondering... At one point, I had 4 female guppies, 2 male guppies, and an angelfish in my 29 gallon tank. I knew that if my guppies had fry that I did not want to keep them so I was fully...
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    It's been a while...

    I haven't been around on Fishlore for a few months. I've been dealing with some serious personal issues. The good news is that One Fin Floyd is still going strong! He's a tough little fishy It's just Floyd and 2 cory catfish left in the 29 gallon. I gave up on guppies. They kept dying off for...
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    Updated Videos of my 29, 10 and 2.5 gallons... A new video of my 29 gallon...after several casualties, I'm left with my angelfish (Floyd), my guppies (Ghandi, the male and Scarlette and Alice, the females) and my three cory catfish. A new video of...
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    My 29 Gallon Tank :)

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    My 10 Gallon Tank :)

    LOL! Sorry, I was watching Friends while I was recording this.
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    Different pH in tank and bottled water

    The nightmare of cycling my 29 gallon tank continues... (Some people have read and commented on my blog and know what I'm talking about, LOL) The last couple of weeks, my readings have been 0.25, 0 and 5. My tap water has 1.0 ammonia and I'm wondering if I stop using tap water, maybe that...
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    Zeolite crystals?

    I've been trying to cycle my 29 gallon for months. My readings have remained stable at 0.25, 0, 5 for well over a month now. I don't know why the ammonia won't go away. I do water changes once a week and my filter is currently filled with as much carbon and filter floss as will fit. I don't know...
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    29 Gallon Tank Added some new decor to my tank

    I added some bright new plastic plants to my 29 gallon
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    Goodbye Squeegee :'(

    My wonderful little guppy, Squeegee, died last night He was bullied several times by the bigger males in his tank. He was a sweet little guppy... Goodbye, Squeegee. I will miss you very much!
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    What kind of decor do bettas like?

    I have a 2.5 gallon cycling right now and I'm thinking of getting a betta for it because it's just too small to use as a Q tank and nothing else can go in there. It has a filter and a heater and right now there is gravel and 3 small silk betta plants in there. Do bettas like to have a decoration...
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    Guppy Wars!!!

    I need some opinions.... I'm trying to find the best solution and I think I have too many ideas going on in my head at once. If you were in my position, how would you handle this situation? I started with three male fancy-tail guppies. One fell ill about 3 months ago and the day that I...
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    Stocking fish that school.

    I hope this isn't too off topic but what if you already have some fish in your tank and you decided to add some schooling fish. Should you add the whole school at once or only a few at a time? I want to add a school of 6 cories to my 29 gallon and I don't know if I should start with 3 or just...
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    Best way to disinfect a Q tank?

    I recently attempted to save 3 fish that were severely neglected by my boyfriend's roommate. They unfortunately did not survive my rescue attempt and I think they may have had a fungal infection. They were in a 2.5 gallon Q-tank that I would like to keep going (I know it was too small but it was...
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    Goodbye rescue fish :(

    I attempted to rescue a little male endler and two females who had been living in absolutely horrid conditions for about a year. They did not make it The male passed last night and the two females were dead this morning as well. I did everything I could. Poor babies :'(
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    Rescued Endler

    I rescued what I believe to be a small male endler today I will try to get a pic up as soon as I can. He was in a tank with two females, I'm not sure if they are endlers or guppies but I'm assuming they are guppies... The water they were in was so dark and murky that I could barely even...
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    Does anybody else have a tank that has NEVER cycled???

    Does anybody on here have a tank that has just never cycled? I really believe it's just never going to happen. I've been doing this for 6 months and I haven't even gotten close. My readings have not changed even one bit in over 3 months and I have done water changes every day (with the exception...
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    10 Gallon Tank What's in your tank??

    Well I think my 10 gallon is really close to cycling. I'm hoping it will be done this weekend. If it is, I may put my male orange guppy in there from my 29 gallon because sometimes he bullies my other guppy. I was wondering: 1) Would neon and/or cardinal tetras be ok with my male guppy in...

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