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  1. Sam2671

    40g Breeder Stocking

    Hi, I’m downgrading from a 4ft 50G to a 40G breeder and was wondering how much of the stock to give away so it all works out. Definite to go to the 40G are: 1 angelfish 8 Kuhli loaches (planning on adding around 4-6 more at some point) What’s left over are: 2 platies (love these guys and I’m...
  2. Sam2671

    New Tank, Moving Plants And Algae

    As soon as I save up to get a new light and new substrate, I’m going to upgrade from the heavily planted 25 gallon I have to a 50 gallon... so of course I have a few questions (sorry if I posted this in the wrong topic but they do relate to plants) 1. What lights would you recommend? I’m...
  3. Sam2671

    Kribensis Fry

    My krib fry are just over a month old now. It’s the parents’ first batch and they managed to hold onto around 8/35 up until now. They’re about a cm long and that’s not bad at all being fed tropical fish flakes (since they’re too small for freeze dried daphnia). The parents have their colours...
  4. Sam2671

    Fighting Green Algae In Fry Tank

    I have a 25 gallon tank with some fry in, they’re only tiny, a few weeks old and maybe half an inch by this point. Most people and sites recommend dosing the tank with CO2 to get rid of algae. Mine is green strands covering pretty much every surface of the tank - decorations, glass, wood...
  5. Sam2671

    Angel And Pleco Tank

    So I have this 60 gal tank in the living room. Since it’s in a shared space I’ve got to take into account what the other people want, to some extent. I’ve been wanting to change it around, aquascape it for a while now. It has salt and pepper gravel sand, lots of live plants and a bunch of...
  6. Sam2671

    Cardinal Looking.. Flaky

    This cardinal is the second to have this condition, the first one ended up dying, I don’t know what’s happening. It looks like the scales are just flaking off. I’ve treated this tank for ich a few weeks/months ago, but it doesn’t look anything like ich and it seems to affect one cardinal at a...
  7. Sam2671

    Kribensis Spawning In Community Tank

    I’ve a pair of kribs which recently started showing spawning behaviour. They’ve dug out a cave under a ship ornament they hide in. What worries me most is that they started pecking at the pleco they always feared when he comes near the ship. I’ve not bred cichlids before so I’ve a few...
  8. Sam2671

    Growth On Swordtail Tail

    Saw this growth on this female swordtail’s tail, it’s the black spot. Is this something that will cause her a problem or is it fine left alone? Thank you
  9. Sam2671

    Bloated Betta

    Hi. So, I got this betta from my parents’ community tank. There he must have overeaten on dried daphnia, or so I thought. He is severely bloated, the front part, the stomach and chest area, but has a thin body otherwise. I’ve fasted him for 3 days and fed him a cut up deshelled pea but he...
  10. Sam2671

    25 Gallon Stocking Ideas With Male Betta

    So here is how Kevin, the betta, landed himself a 26 gallon instead of a 5 gallon... I was going to buy a 5 gallon, because I wanted a lone male betta tank maybe with some shrimp, but found a deal of a 15 gallon: great. I was using it to quarantine Kevin and some Kuhli loaches I got at the same...
  11. Sam2671

    Betta Popeye And Possibly Swim Bladder Issues

    I bought Kevin, the betta, from a local pet shop and it turned out one of his eyes is buldging and looks like a case of popeye. What’s the most effective treatment? Some places state 100% water changes must be carried out every other day and it I gave him some betta pellets last night and he...
  12. Sam2671

    Stocking A 15g Planted Tank

    Hi. I have a 15G (60litre) tank which I have been planning to use for an attempt at aquascaping. I’m not sure yet what exactly would be going in there plant wise etc but I want to make it moderately planted. My question is can I stock the tank with some neon tetras and some ember tetras with...
  13. Sam2671

    White Flesh Showing On Platy After Wound

    So this started out as a tiny wound, possibly a whitespot cyst (whitespot has since been eradicated in the tank using medication which I guess could've made the wound worse), and just continued to grow in size. The scales on his belly are raised at times too giving a pine cone like appearance...

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