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    Fin Rot: Bacterial Or Fungal

    Please respond only if you have an educated answer. I have two out of ten Corydoras that have been suffering with some sort of infection for years. I believe they had it when I got them as my first fish. It has now spread to the other fish in my 40 gallon. My water parameters are spec, and I am...
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    Corys Are Sick

    I have had 9 Sterbais Corys for almost a year. The substrate was bad for them as it was course, and many of them suffered whisker loss. Now they have been in sand for the past eight months. Two died months ago as a result of bacteria around the mouth. The remaining 7 rarely come out from the...
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    Am I Using A Python Correctly For Water Changes?

    I was at MLS recently, talking to them about water changes. The person there acutally made me feel like I was a moron for how I was adding water back into my aqurium. So, if you have a python or similar siphon, how do you all add the water back in the tank? Here's what I do, and quite frankly...
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    High Nitrates....still.

    I have had high nitrate levels for some time now. I have read and tried several things here, and I'm starting to get frustrated. Levels and info as follows: Ph 7.0 Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 60-80 ppm Temp 76.1 40 breeder Fluval 306 Planted Sand substrate Stock: 7 corys, 5 octocinlus Dosing...
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    Neon's Are Sick

    I have 40 neon tetras in a 40 breeder. Here are the specs: Ph 7.0 Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 20 Fluval 306 and Marineland 200 Planted 50-60% water changes weekly Dosing thrive as directed Temp 76 I had 6 harliquin rasborias that dies one by one after 3 weeks. The neons are starting to lose...
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    Fish Aren't Well

    Ugh. So just when I thought my aquarium was doing well, I have some sort of problem. Here are the stats: 40 breeder Fluval 306 and Marineland 200 Planted moderately 7.0 ph 0 nitrite 0 ammonia 40-60 nitrate 40 neon 7 sterbai corys 5 octocinlus 1 snail 76 degress Dose with thrive 2x week as...
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    Calling All Cats, And By That, I Mean Kitties

    I had posted an image of my aquarium in a recent post, and someone commented on my cat, Duncan, in front of the aquarium. His favorite spot in the house is an ottoman that we fight over to watch the fish . So here he is. Let's see other images of cats and tanks!!!
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    Dropsy. Fish Are In Trouble, Go Figure. Help!

    I don't want this post to get complicated, as sometimes with several issues at once can. But here it goes. I have two issues that I am aware of at this point. Well, three, if you take in consideration that I don't know what I'm doing. Here are the parameters: 40 gallon fresh water planted...
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    Plants And Comfort

    I just wanted to post something that I have obsevered during the past few days. It's not mind boggling, but I am currently changing out my substrate from pebble (which was a bad choice on my end) to sand. The fish, during this change, do not even go to the open water side of the aquarium, EVER...
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    Cory Has Died, Worried About The Others

    Hi all. I have 8 Corys in my 40 gallon breeder. Parameters: Ammonia: 0 Nitrates: 0 Nitrites: .05 PH: 7.0 Planted Switching substrates slowly from "round" Mexican river rock to sand Fluval 306 About 5 days ago I noticed one of the Corys was getting paler by day. He succumbed to whatever was...
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    Algae In Newly Planted Aquarium, And A Bit Of A Mini-cycle

    Hello aquarist. I am having an issue with algae in my newly established planted aquarium. I had the patients going through diatoms as it sounded very normal for this to be part of a new set-up. They are gone. Now I am getting green algae in the same places where the diatoms once lived. The tank...
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    What Kind Of Aquarium Do I Have, Hi Or Low Tech?

    Hi Aquarist. I am back into the aquarium hobby again after 25 years of being away. I am learning that there is so much I never knew about the hobby when I was younger. I am reading a lot about planted aqauaiums as I have just started one as of January. All the plants are young, and I am happy...
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    Anubias Turning Yellow

    Hi Everyone. I am to this forum and have used it often as I have just set up my new aquarium after not having one for 25 years. I never had much luck with plants back then, and I was excited to get them for my 20 gallon freshwater. I have several different kinds of Anubias in the set up. My tank...

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