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    Stocking my 29 gal

    It's been awhile since I've been on here but I've got a real quick question. I just did a water change yesterday is it too soon to add new fish today? I was thinking about going to get three black skirts (that will make a school of 6) and a bn Pleco. Also is that adding to many fish at the...
  2. J

    Betta Emergency.. Trying to save him.

    Hi guys Joel again I come to you with a semi urgent problem. My sisters Betta which was being kept in a 1 gallon bowl appears to be very sick. He has lost a lot of his beautiful color and his fins seems to be going away. He is sinking to the bottom of the bowl. Now before you say it yes I...
  3. J

    How to hatch NeriteSnail Eggs?

    Ok so recently I have made a post on another one of the subforums and they told me I might have more luck over here... So here's my first question: How do I make the water in my second five gallon tank brackish so that the eggs can hatch? Secondly: When the eggs hatch how should I care for...
  4. J

    Help Snail Eggs?

    Ok I'm curious as to what these are they've been there for awhile and from my research they kinda look like snail eggs I have two nerite snails. One is zebra the other one is like orange and has dots along it I'm not sure what type. Anyways if anyone could tell me what these are That'd be...
  5. J

    New Canister Filter Set Up

    OK so today I am getting a fluval 206 canister filter to replace my quietflow HOB filter. This will be my first canister filter. Any tips or tricks on setting it up and can anyone advise me on how to transition from the old filter to the new one. I've heard HOB filters don't tend to have...
  6. J

    Changing Substrate .. Gravel to Sand

    Ok so I have everything I need ( I think ) and I am hoping to change my substrate.. Firstly I already have my sand it's rather fine because I would like my corydoras (when I get them) to be able to sift through it easily. Second I am not sure how to wash my sand any techniques anyone would like...
  7. J

    Lighting for Five Gallon Planted

    Ok so I have a 5 gallon planted tank with a betta. However I feel the plants are not doing too well and I believe it may have to do with the lighting. All my tank uses is the stock bulb. On my 29 gallon LEDs seem to work well and tbh I really love the look of them... Any recomendations...
  8. J

    Plant Identification Help

    Can someone please help me identify this plant sorry these are the best pics I could get right now I can take better pics later... Thanks, -Joel
  9. J

    Tetras Swimming weird..?

    Ok so I have five black skirt tetras they all sit in the water at a small angle but when they swim straighten back out is this a problem? Btw it's not an extreme angle it's maybe 15 degrees at the most. Thanks, -Joel
  10. J

    Ich Temperature Raising

    Hi my tank has ich again but this time I have discovered much faster... I also now have a heater I can change the temp on ... however I read something that said black skirt tetras are cold water loving fish... should I not raise it to 85+ ? Thanks, Joel
  11. J

    Corydora Substrate

    Does anyone have any good recomendations on corydora sand... Ik that sand is important due to their barbells... But does anyone know of a substrate that corydoras tend to prefer. Any tips on buying it would be great... Thanks, -Joel
  12. J


    I haven't been able to find out where to find information about the little star things on the side and stuff. (e.i: fish helper) If anyone has information I'm just curious lol. -Joel
  13. J

    Help Huge Water Hardness Problem

    Ok so I just did a water hardness test and apparently my whole life I've been using hard water for my fish tanks... I have not been aware that where I fill up is made so that it does not go through our water softener... which again I was not informed of by my parents... So ... my water...
  14. J

    29 Gallon Tank Stocking Angels...

    Ok so I have five black skirt tetras and a bristlenose pleco in my 29 gallon planted tank. My question is about stocking angels and black skirt tetras ... 1. I understand that black skirts are fin nippers however I have them school do you think this would prevent nipping towards the...
  15. J

    Question Angelfish and Black skirts?

    My question is would a black skirt tetra pick on an angelfish since they are known to be fin nippers. Would this be stopped if the tetras were schooling? Thanks, -Joel
  16. J

    Indiana clubs?

    Any indiana clubs?
  17. J

    29 Gallon Tank Cichlid tank Substrate Ideas

    Just curious what your guys's thoughts on substrate for a Lake Tanganyika Cichlid tank. I was thinking maybe a gravel/sand combo... Thoughts? Thanks -Joel
  18. J

    29 Gallon Tank Stocking Ideas

    Exactly what the title says just ideas for stocking a 29 gallon freshwater aquarium. Thanks, Joel
  19. J

    Help Clown Pleco not Eating

    OK so I recently purchased a clown pleco instead of my common pleco that I had previous to him. I use algae tablets in my tank however I have not observed him eating these tablets. They normally just get dissolved or broken up by my platies and scattered. All answers appreciated. Thanks, Joel
  20. J

    Question College...?

    So I was just was just wondering if anyone of you are marine biologists. This is something that interests me for obvious reasons. I am also wondering if anyone of you have any sort of ther fish related college degree/job. -Joel

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