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  1. shutterbug13

    Aquatic Experience 2018

    Is anyone else here planning on going this year? I know it's five months away but I'm really excited, especially since it will be my first year
  2. shutterbug13

    Diy Python?

    I'm really tired of using buckets to carry water for my tank but my tank is over fifty feet from the nearest sink so I would have to buy the fifty foot python and a ten foot extension which ends up being pretty pricey. Does anyone know how to make a DIY python?
  3. shutterbug13

    Choosing A Centerpiece

    I've almost finished stocking my 29 gallon but I would like to add a centerpiece fish or two. My current stock is: 8x harlequin rasbora 5x pearl danio 7x panda cory Temp: 73-74F I will be upping both the danio and cory schools to eight each so I won't be getting any other fish until the...
  4. shutterbug13

    Camallanus Worms?

    I noticed a couple of my pearl danios looked weird, one's vent looks a little red and it looks like something might be coming out (her spine is disformed by she was egg-bound a while ago) , the other is bloated yet thin and has an rather red stomach, I think it might be camallanus worms. I...
  5. shutterbug13

    Shutterbug's Tanks And Fishes

    I have been meaning to make a thread with both my tanks for a while so here it is! I only have two tanks set up right now (hopefully more soon), a ten gallon betta tank and a 29 gallon community. 29 gallon: Stocking: 8x harlequin rasboras 6x pearl danios 8x panda corys I plan to add a...
  6. shutterbug13

    Corydoras Punctatus

    When I went to my LFS today to get a shoal of either false julii or panda corys for my 29 gallon I noticed they had punctatus corys. I really liked them because they almost looked like a cross between false julii and panda corys but I didn't want to impulse buy them in case they were...
  7. shutterbug13

    Seiryu Stone With Betta

    I plan on rescaping my ten gallon betta tank and I really like seiryu stone but I'm worried about it tearing my betta's fins. Has anyone kept a betta with seiryu stone before? Thanks in advance! (I'm sorry mods if this is in the wrong place, I wasn't sure to put it)
  8. shutterbug13

    Breeding Fish Outside

    I have been thinking of breeding some fish outside in a large wading pool as a summer project, sort of like what Rachel O'Leary does. I am trying to decide between three wading pools, a 126 gallon, a 552 gallon and a 500 gallon. Obviously the 552 gallon would be best for the fish but I need to...
  9. shutterbug13


    I have been away for two weeks so I haven't been seeing much of my fish lately but when I was cleaning my tank today, I found some fry swimming around in my bucket. They are either pearl danios or harlequin rasboras. What should I do? I have a spare 5 gallon, a quietflow 10 and a preset heater...
  10. shutterbug13

    Replenish Or Equilibrium?

    I have a water softener and from doing some research I realize I should be adding something to my tanks so my fish can get the minerals they need. My tanks are moderately planted and I dose flourish and excel and use root tabs. Does it matter whether I use Seachem replenish or equilibrium? If...
  11. shutterbug13

    29 Gallon Stocking Questions

    I have a standard 29 gallon (30x12x18) that has been set up and cycled since May. My current stock is 6x Harlequin Rasbora 4x Pearl Danio 2x False Julii Cory I know that the danios and corys also need to be in schools of 6+ but I lost 4 corys to an unknown disease in January and 2 danios in...

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