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  1. Maikeer

    Big spots on my dwarf gourami

    My fish is acting normally but I can see two big spots on one side, and some sort of redness at the mouth. Any ideas what this could be?
  2. Maikeer

    50 Gallon Tank Filter Recommendation - Acrylic Tank?

    Not sure how, but Santa somehow managed to get this 50-gallon aquarium through the chimney last night. He didn't leave a filter in my stocking, and so I have been doing a little research this morning. With the partially enclosed top of this tank, it appears that a HOB solution - which would...
  3. Maikeer

    Thinking About Buying This Stand (50 Gallon Tank)

    I recently purchased a 50-gallon acrylic "Clear for Life" tank, and it is arriving soon. The tank has dimensions of 36 x 15 x 20, and it has been a little difficult to find a stand that fits and can handle the weight of this relatively tall and narrow tank. I lack both the skills and time for...
  4. Maikeer

    Molly Fry - When To Release Into Tank?

    I'm concerned about contracting Multi Tank Syndrome, but after watching our Dalmation Molly's babies quickly go from about ten (when we first noticed the fry hiding in plants) to five, I just had to try and save some of them. I set them up in a little floating tank with a piece of plant that...
  5. Maikeer

    Cory Questions - Id, Substrate

    The cory at the left has been with me for eight years now. I don't know how common this kind of life span is for a corydoras, but I have had him far longer than any other fish. He has generally had a couple of albino buddies at the bottom of our 40-gallon tank, but I'm embarrassed to admit...

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