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  1. Sage Exotics

    Betta Clamping Fin, Pale Spot

    Tank- 5 gallons - filter is Whisper 10i - has a heater - 78 degrees (F) - only has one betta Maintenance -plan to do weekly 30% water changes - I vaccum the gravel - Tetra water...
  2. Sage Exotics

    Adf Fungus Eye

    Went to feed my African dwarf frogs but noticed my older frog thrashing around in the water. He keeps clawing at his eye and at a glance it seems he’s shedding on his eye but it’s clearly bothering him a lot and he shed just last week. He is still clawing at his eye even after he got the...
  3. Sage Exotics

    Wild White Worms?

    Was just just taking a walk when I noticed some white worms in a grassy puddle. They average about 8mm long. If they are whiteworms, I’m thinking maybe tossing them in a tub of wet moss to keep for my frogs.
  4. Sage Exotics

    Froggy Got A Lump

    My little African dwarf frog, Trevor, has a lump. Well, to be honest, it’s more of a bump. Barely a bump, actually. But it’s there and it’s new. It’s just a very little bump on the left side of his abdomen and you have to be at just the right angle to see it (and since he never stops moving I...
  5. Sage Exotics

    Snails To Clean Mice?

    weird question. I know. Anyway I was thawing a rat pup (size of an adult mouse) for my corn snake when... I forgot about it. Now it’s no good. Anyway, instead of throwing it out, I’d like to preserve the bones. It’s winter, and I’m Canadian, so it’s too cold to do anything but work with what I...
  6. Sage Exotics

    Nitrates Are 160ppm

    So this morning I found a dead kuhli loach in my 30 gal community. Weird, so of course I tested the water. Ammonia: 0.5-0.10 ppm. not good. Nitrites: 0 ppm. Good. Nitrates: 160 ppm. HOLY CROW. That’s got to be a record, right? I tested multiple times to make sure I didn’t make a mistake. I...
  7. Sage Exotics

    Water Bug Id

    I’ve got these cute little reddish bugs living in my 30 gal community, Or rather on my tank. They like to rest on the leaves poking out of the water but they also jump along the surface. I don’t think they can go underwater, and even if they can I’m guessing my fish would be quick to eat them...
  8. Sage Exotics

    Treatment For Ich

    I’ve got a 30 gal community. Kuhli loaches Ruby tetras Neon tetras (and a cardinal) Platys Assasin snail Neocaridina shrimp Amano shrimp Few days ago my big male platy was looking kinda sick, staying near the top and not swimming much. Today he got some white spots. Definitely ick. My other...
  9. Sage Exotics

    Shrimp Or Snails With Adfs?

    I’ve got a 5 gal with two African dwarf frogs. I have a sponge over my filter intake and it gets pretty dirty and gross looking, and cleaning it is such a pain, I clean it and two seconds later it’s gross again. My frogs are also a bit horrible at finding all of their food, and going in with a...
  10. Sage Exotics

    Fish Starting To Look Sick

    I’ve got a 30 gal community. Platys, tetras, loaches, snails, shrimp, and a whole lotta pest snails. Ammonia: 0 Nitrites: 0 Nitrates: 2 ish So everybody’s been looking nice and healthy, until today. I noticed my big male platy looking a little odd. After about an hour he started staying near...
  11. Sage Exotics

    Akward Fish Stories

    I’m bored so I want to hear some stories. Awkward stories. About fish. And other aquatics. I’ll begin, the most akward experience in fish keeping I’ve ever had was at an LFS. I was looking for another African dwarf frog because one of mine had recently gotten injured and passed away. I walked...
  12. Sage Exotics

    Mystery Worm Thingies On Lid Of Tank

    So I’ve got two ADFs in a 5 gal. Ammonia: 0 Nitrites: 0 Nitrates: 2ish Temps: 78-80 F/ 26-27 C I was going to do a water change so I took off the hood, but noticed little bumps. Upon closer inspection I realized they were little worm-like things. Under the microscope they’re off-white and some...
  13. Sage Exotics

    Adf Mouth Injury

    I've got two ADFs in a 5 gal, Trevor and Chocolate, and Chocolate has hurt her mouth. Ammonia: 0 Nitrites: 0 Nitrates: like 1 or 2ish So I was feeding them today, and both frogs came up, Trevor was eating fine, but Chocolate didn’t come to the tweezers. I put some mysis shrimp in front of her...
  14. Sage Exotics

    Can Adfs Harm Each Other?

    So I’ve got two ADFs in a 5 gallon, they’re not fully grown and have hides, plants, vibration protection and a low flow filter. Temps: 79-80 Ammonia: 0 Nitrites: 0 Nitrates: 2-ish. So, now to the actual problem, I’ve trained them to come out for food when I lightly tap on the tank, and it...
  15. Sage Exotics

    African Dwarf Frogs Being Lethargic

    So I’ve had two ADFs in a well-cycled 5g for about two weeks. They’ve been active, always exploring and swimming up for air. They have a cave hide in the back behind a rock that they love to use, it’s right under the heater. It’s low-flow, well planted, water isn’t too deep (10” from gravel to...
  16. Sage Exotics

    Speeding Up Brine Shrimp Growth?

    I’m raising brine shrimp for some freshwater frogs, and I hate caring for these things. Every time I try to change the water I have to have fresh saltwater ready, another jar, and a cloth around that jar with a rubber band. I pour the tiny little shrimp onto the cloth, put the fresh salt water...
  17. Sage Exotics

    Can I Make A Heater Emit Less Heat?

    I’m raising brine shrimp for some African dwarf frogs, and I’ve hatched some cysts. I’d like to move the little shrimp into a .5 gallon pickle jar. I know they need a heater, right now I’m just leaving their container under a heat lamp in my (land) hermit crab enclosure. I’ve got a spare 50W...
  18. Sage Exotics

    Blue Leg Hermit Crab Tank?

    I keep freshwater aquariums, and like invertebrates. I’ve never kept salt before, but I think they’re pretty. I know the larger the tank the easier it is to maintain, but I want a blue leg hermit crab or two and that’s it (are they social? I only want one but my land hermies are social). I was...
  19. Sage Exotics

    Small Rasbora In My Shrimp Bag?

    I got some more cherry shrimp, and when I started floating the bag I realized there was a little fish swimming around in there. It seems to be some kind of rasbora, but I can’t figure out which type. Is it suitable for a 30 gallon community?
  20. Sage Exotics

    Stressed Fish

    My dwarf gourami is always a little spooked after I do a water change, but I usually only gravel vac the front half of the tank because my fish are hiding in the back and I don’t want to stress them. I decided I’d do the back this time because it probably needed cleaning, but now my dwarf...

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