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  1. Atomsk

    Question LED Frag Tank lighthing

    I want to start a 20G Long frag tank, I just bought the skimmer for it and now I'm looking into appropriate lighting that will look good and help stimulate good growth for corals. I will definitely be trying to grow Zoanthids, various Leathers and Mushrooms (ricordea and smooth). I would also...
  2. Atomsk

    58G stocking help

    I would like some ideas about what fish to stock my 58G with. I'd prefer only reef safe fish only because I will be sad if they decide to eat some of my corals. Please throw some ideas out because I don't know that much about saltwater fish. Thanks in advance.
  3. Atomsk

    My 58G aquarium

    I finally got around to post some more pictures of my aquarium. It's definitely a beginning because I only have one Damsel and I want a lot more corals, lol. I have many Mushrooms, lots of Green Star Polyps, a medium size Toadstool Leather, some Zoanthids, two different kinds of Xenia and four...
  4. Atomsk

    I bought a saltwater aquarium from Craigslist

    I've bought a really cool complete aquarium setup off craigslist. It came with everything I need to keep a saltwater aquarium. The aquarium is a 58 gallon with an overflow that has been drilled and flows into a 20L Sump with a protein skimmer that has a return pump. The aquarium came with...
  5. Atomsk

    Which of these two fixtures would be better?

    I've been doing a lot of reading recently about reef lighting and I'm getting mixed results. I really want to keep some mushroom corals, leather corals, zoanthids and maybe an easy anemone in a 55 gallon aquarium. I've been looking at the Coralife Lunar Aqualight HO T5 Aquarium Light Fixture and...
  6. Atomsk

    55 Gallon Tank Help me decide what fish to get

    My LFS had a customer appreciation day about a month ago and I won a brand new 55 gallon aquarium with a stand, two lids, lighting, a penguin 280 filter and a heater that is suitable for the tank. I never won a raffle before but I must admit that was the best three dollars that I ever spent...
  7. Atomsk

    Question Fluval Ebi vs Flora

    I want to start keeping Red Cherry Shrimp or some other freshwater shrimp and hopefully breed them. I came across these two tanks (Fluval Ebi and Flora) and I was wondering if the Flora could be used in keeping shrimp as successfully as the Ebi? Also is the Ebi also able to support plants as...
  8. Atomsk

    Question Kribensis, Mystery snails and Zucchini

    I've bought two mystery snails about a week ago and I want to feed them something like Zucchini but I was wondering if Kribensis can eat Zucchini as well, since they inhabit the same aquarium? Does anyone have suggestions about what else I can feed them both?
  9. Atomsk

    Question Assistance with my Kribensis

    Yesterday I purchased some fairly small 1.5-2 inch Kribensis from my LFS and added them to my 50 Gal aquarium. I turned off the aquarium light to help make them feel more secure. After awhile they started swimming around the bottom of the aquarium and when I turn on the light they went to hide...
  10. Atomsk

    Question Any Texas Aquarium/Fish Clubs

    I live in Austin, Texas and I'm wondering if anyone knows if there are any Texas aquarium/fish clubs that are close to or reside in Austin? All information will be appreciated.
  11. Atomsk

    General Kribensis Breeding Questions

    I have currently purchased a 55 Gallon aquarium and I would like to start breeding Kribensis cichlids. I have a few questions that I need assistance with. 1) Approximately how many pairs of Kribensis cichlids do you think I can safely house within the 55 Gallon aquarium? 2) Do Kribensis...

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