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  1. schmalzy_x0

    Male Or Female Green Terror Cichlid?

    Hey Everyone! Just curious if anyone is good at sexing Green Terrors? I thought it was a Female at first but now it is starting to get bright colors and maybe a hump on its head so now I'm thinking Male. Thanks everyone!
  2. schmalzy_x0

    Carpintis Or Cyano?

    Hey everyone. I bought this guy as a Carpintis but I'm not sure if he actually is one. What do you guys think? Is he a Carpintis or a Cyano? He had fry with my Female Convict and I am taking the Hybrid fry to the Fish auction this coming Sunday and want to make sure I know what the parents...
  3. schmalzy_x0

    Can Anyone Help Me Sex My Red Devil

    Hey everyone. Just wondering if anyone can help me sex my Red Devil. It is growing very fast. Thanks!
  4. schmalzy_x0

    Bn Pleco And Clown Pleco Together?

    Hey Everyone!! Just wondering if I can put a bn pleco and a clown pleco together? I had 5 bn pleco fry that I got from an auction for cheap and sadly 4 of them didn't make it. But I have one still that is growing and thriving! So I'm thinking of putting it in my 30 gallon. I have a clown pleco...
  5. schmalzy_x0

    What Is This????

    Help. Showed up on my Male eba randomly today!! Seems like he doesn't like it and is trying to rub it off!!
  6. schmalzy_x0

    My New Baby!! Salvini Cichlid!

    Hey everyone!! I have been wanting a Salvini cichlid for a very very long time and I finally found one a few weeks ago!! I had it in a qt tank and today finally put it in my main display tank!! I am sooo excited and wanted to share with you guys! It is a juvenile and soooo tiny right now. It ate...
  7. schmalzy_x0

    Fungus On Wound

    Hi everyone. It's been a long time since I posted. My fish were doing very well for awhile! Anyway my Oscar is very clumsy and will get a few scrapes and scratches on him.. all seem to heal up quickly. A few days ago I noticed he has a huge cut/wound on his side. I'm guessing from the boat I...
  8. schmalzy_x0

    Female Convicts Are Soo Beautiful

    This is my female convict Purdy. I just love her. She is so bright and pretty. And she has the cutest personality. She lovvess her little caves as you can see in the video! I have a male convict in my other tank as well. He is not as pretty as her though and is kinda a jerk haha but he is...
  9. schmalzy_x0

    How Big Do Jack Dempsey Males Get?

    Hey! I have a male JD and he is gorgeous! Growing very fast! About 7 inches now. I'm just wondering how big males usually get and if anyone has pictures of their big males. Also my Jack seems to be getting a nice set of chompers!! I don't see teeth like this on any of my other fish lol.. little...
  10. schmalzy_x0

    What Kind If Fish Am I?!

    Ok so my husband came home with this fish a few weeks ago. It's been in qt and we finally put it in the tank. It was sold to him as a Red devil. But I have never seen a Red devil with stripes like this??!! Is that truly what it is or is it something different?! Thanks everyone! Obviously the...
  11. schmalzy_x0

    Green Terror Question

    Hi everyone. So I have a green terror, she is a girl and very very timid. My Oscar chases her a little bit. My Oscar doesn't chase any of my other fish, just her. She used to eat a lot. She would sneak up and get the food quickly. The one morning I woke up and noticed she had a big cut on...
  12. schmalzy_x0

    My New Little Baby!! Carpintis Texas

    I just got a new Carpintis Texas!! I have been looking forever and finally found one!! It is in a qt tank right now. I added a cave for it so it feels safe. It is sooooo small!! I'm going to have to grow it out for awhile before I can put him/her in with my other big cichlids in my 125...
  13. schmalzy_x0

    Convicts Are Such Characters

    My male convict Puffy redecorates the tank like this all the time. I cleaned the tank last night and messed up his last masterpiece so Puffy got right back to work on his next one lol! Makes me laugh everytime!! Haha! He is such a character! Who else's Convicts do this??
  14. schmalzy_x0

    Help Gill Flukes!

    I am about 99.9% sure that my fish have gill flukes. I have lost 3 fish already. All of the ones that passed away started breathing heavy, gasping for air at the surface, acting lethargic and passed away in about 2 days. Not all at once, they passed away one after another. I immediately...
  15. schmalzy_x0

    Tiger Barb Question?

    Hi. Okay so I have 6 tiger barbs and 6 green tiger barbs. The 6 tiger barbs are ok but I have noticed that the 6 green tiger barbs are very aggressive. Awhile ago two of the males were scrapping and the ones lip got ripped a bit. It has healed. Now I notice a male picking on a little female...
  16. schmalzy_x0

    Anyone Else's Pleco Do This?

    Hi everyone!! Anyone else's Pleco eat this way?? I find it sooo funny haha! She stopped because she noticed me recording. She gets very excited for food.. she wags like this everytime she eats lol.
  17. schmalzy_x0

    Anyone Have A Youtube Channel?

    Just wondering if anyone has a YouTube channel? I would love to follow more fish lovers. I just started mine... It's called Ash's Cichlids for anyone that wants to check it out. I only have a few videos but will be adding more soon. Thanks everyone!
  18. schmalzy_x0

    Our Little Oscar Doing Tricks

    We are teaching our Little Oscar to do tricks. So cute!! He trusts us a lot already. I was thinking of getting him a ping pong ball as well. What things do you do with your Oscar?
  19. schmalzy_x0

    Breeding Electric Blue Acaras?

    Hi everyone! So a little back story.. I started with two Eba but My fish were dealing with some sort of parasite and one of them passed away. Now my fish are doing way better and my husband surprised me with another little eba. It is soo cute but looks a lot different than my others. It has a...
  20. schmalzy_x0

    Texas Cichlid Tank Mates Question?

    Hi everyone! So I'm interested in a Texas cichlid. They are super pretty!! I was looking to add it into my 125 gallon tank eventually but wanted to ask everyone's opinion on the fish. I've heard mixed things about it. Some say they need to be in their own tank and others say they can be with...

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