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  1. Ant

    Yay! I've decided to get an oscar!

    So I'm cleaning out my fish tank in the next few days. Only thing I'm keeping is Silver dollars (3), A Ghost Knifefish, and a few small fish that will be food. I will probably get rid of the silvers, but I'm attached to one although I don't want to get more and I know there should be like 6...
  2. Ant

    10g planted. (glolight/shrimp)

  3. Ant

    what are these?

    I've noticed a few in my tank. I added a couple of plants recently, I wonder if they hitchhiked their way in. image
  4. Ant

    I need to get rid of this algae problem.

    I posted a while back as it was growing on my driftwood. Since then it has spread to other plants. I really don't want to do bleach solutions, I'm wondering what my options are. It looks like brown/black hair. image
  5. Ant

    Spartacus' s new home!

    I moved him out of his 10g tank and turned it into a planted glolight/shrimp tank. But here is the new tank my gf bought me for him. I love the design of it, and he really likes it. image image But my new betta that came with it currently has no home. I put him in a temporary home...
  6. Ant

    Do I need a filter?

    Hi! I'm starting out with 15 ghost shrimp in a 10g with 5 glolight tetras. The tank is fully cycled and is heavily planted. I do water changes about once a week, but I don't want the intake to suck them up. Do I even need a filter?
  7. Ant

    Meet Bleu Cheese!

    My newest addition, Bleu Cheese! My gf came home last night and had a bag inher purse, he waswasin her car for 3 hours in 20 deg f! Im so suprised hes still alive. I think she bought the lfs' s betta display tank and she got him unexpectedly. She wouldn't let me ask questions lol. So the...
  8. Ant

    how do I propregate this sword?

    It's getting pretty big, should I just trim the leaves off, id like to start more but there isnt a runner coming off it and I havnt made new plants yet. I think ive had this plant over 6 months. image
  9. Ant

    Are glolights and red cherry shrimp compatible?

    I've got 5 glolights in a full planted 10g betta tank. Im thinking of re housing the betta and putting 40-50 red cherry shrimp in (in 10# increments). Will they be fine?
  10. Ant

    what type of plants are these?

    I bought some glo- light tetras and the employee put some of these in the bag, theres only about 10-15 in my 10g but I like them. Will they grow more? Will my hob filter ruin them? Will the betta eat them? Its the mini lily looking plants floating on the surface. And can u put too many...
  11. Ant

    nerite or mystery for a 10g planted?

    So its time to add a snail or two to my 10g planted betta tank. Its been established a few months, and there is plenty of debris to be eaten up! Are my plants safe with both? I will be adding a few more plants as well. If I went with nerites, id do 2. If mystery then 1, or are shrimp better...
  12. Ant

    Sooo.. Should I change the water if the perameters are ok?

    3 weeks, 10g tank, Ro water, fully planted, 20g rated filter, 1 fish (betta). Fully cycled, and the nitrates read low. Should I just replace the evaporated water with fresh water vs vacuuming and replacing old water?
  13. Ant

    I left ro water in a bucket for 6 days.

    Room temp 5g bucket. Think its okay?
  14. Ant

    nitrates are high

    I was gone from my house about 3 weeks. When I came back I did a 30% water change (2 days ago). Today my nitrates are high but everything seems okay. Should I just do another water change?
  15. Ant

    So I added some Danios...

    I actually stopped at my local petco for some neon or glo-light tetras to add to my betta tank. The employee that works the fish section, was trying to tell me that they were hard to care for, and pointed me towards some danios instead, saying that they were near impossible to kill. I know I...
  16. Ant

    Question Stocking calculator?

    Where is that webpage app that tells you if your fish and equipment are compatible. You enter your info and then it tells you
  17. Ant

    new tank for my adfs, finding food?

    They have been housed with a betta for months in a 5 gallon. I moved them to a 10g and I'm afraid they might have trouble finding their food. Soooo, I put a small saucer and pushed it in the gravel so it dips underthe gravel. I figured if I put food in their for them they will start going...
  18. Ant

    leaving lights on to promote algae for snail?

    It's a 10g planted betta tank that's been running about a month. The filter was already established from a different tank, and the driftwood in it has anubias in it already has algae. I'm wondering if I leave the t8 light on longer than 10 hours it will promote algae for him? I could...
  19. Ant

    Got a great deal on a new home for my betta!!!

    I initially bought a 10g to rehouse my first Betta, and bought a 2nd Betta, and left the first in his 5g! Sooo, I put up an ad for a 20g bow that was a bit beat up with an Led light for trade on CL for a 10g. I had to drive 45min for it, but the guy gave me a brand new 10g with hood and...
  20. Ant

    Transfering 5g inhabitants to a new 10g

    Okay, I want to do this right this time! I just got second new 10g tank. My other tank I used the media and filter from a 20g, added the gravel and water, some bottled bb and put the betta in 3 days later. So far so good, its been 3 weeks and I havnt had any detrimental spikes yet. And my...

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