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  1. Aster

    Neon Tetra With Betta

    Neons do prefer cooler water. In the warmer temperatures that bettas prefer, their lifespans will be shorter.
  2. Aster

    Id Help! What Guppy Strain Is This?

    Never heard of half green, it's possible they could be metal heads.
  3. Aster

    Id Help! What Guppy Strain Is This?

    Interesting, yeah it looks like it's the lighting too but I'm curious if they could be green!
  4. Aster

    Ideas For Betta Tanks..

    Live plants are always great, they provide lots of points of interest and look nice as well. My betta loves to rest on them. Caves might be a good idea too.
  5. Aster

    Want Your Betta Drawn?

    Oh my gosh! He's so beautiful, thank you so much!
  6. Aster

    Id Help! What Guppy Strain Is This?

    Half black yellow mosaics by the looks of it. Nice
  7. Aster

    What Kind Of Betta Is This?

    I believe his coloration is actually called pineapple, due to the dark outlining of the scales like a pineapple. Not sure though.
  8. Aster

    Want Your Betta Drawn?

    Here's my Lucien, a halfmoon double tail male! Your art is gorgeous, love your style
  9. Aster

    Guppy/fry Help In Keeping And Identifying

    Wow, those are gorgeous females. I'd say they're blue grass. Once the fry gets older you'll be able to see if it's part of their strain. It probably is, if it was in the same tank.
  10. Aster

    Restart Tank After Betta Death?

    Welcome to Fishlore I'm thinking your tank was uncycled and that, along with the stress of the ich, killed him. It typically takes much longer than 10 days to cycle a tank. Did you use a piece of filter media from your friend or a bottled bacterial supplement? If not, your tank likely wasn't...
  11. Aster

    Guppies Fighting And Injuring

    I would give them a week or two to establish the pecking order. If that doesn't work out, I would either remove the aggressor and/or add 1-2 more males to spread out the aggression. With females you'll soon be overrun with fry unless you have ways to rehome or sell them.
  12. Aster

    Coloring Or Injury?

    My betta has similar coloration to yours and his head is also like that, you can see in my profile pic. Nothing to worry about!
  13. Aster

    Betta With Platy

    A lot depends on the betta's temperament. Does the tank have a lot of hiding places and things to break the line of sight?
  14. Aster

    Coloring Or Injury?

    Normal, most bettas have darker heads than their bodies.
  15. Aster

    Can Someone Describe My Female Guppy For Me?

    Her body shape and coloration shows that she's a female, males would be more slender and have full body color. Gravid spots on blonde and albino females are usually orange or red.
  16. Aster

    Can Someone Describe My Female Guppy For Me?

    Albino red.
  17. Aster

    Super Concerned New Betta Sorority Owner

    Welcome to the forum Unfortunately a 6 gallon just doesn't offer them a lot of space to get away from each other. If you really want to succeed, give them at least a 20g with 5+ females to spread out aggression and a lot of plants and things to break the line of sight.
  18. Aster

    Guppy Breeding

    I think you'd get interesting results, good luck! As they get older, remove any that start developing a gonopodium. It's easier than removing the females since some males are late-developers and look like females for a while. They can't mate successfully until it's fully developed, although...
  19. Aster

    Best Live Food For Betta Fish?

    Depends on what other foods you have, I would just make sure to feed good quality pellets or flakes every few days to make sure he gets his complete nutrition.
  20. Aster

    Best Live Food For Betta Fish?

    2 or 3 sounds about right! I usually give mine 3.

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