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  1. pakals

    Do You Have Any Picky Eaters In Your Tank?

    I've heard a couple interesting stories about picky fish and was just wondering if any of you have some in your tanks. My betta isn't really picky, but he refuses to eat bloodworms. Has no qualms about nibbling on the sinking brine shrimp pellets when I treat my corys to them, though.
  2. pakals

    Caring For Platy Fry?

    My mom and I got platies for our tanks, and one of hers ended up being pregnant. She has since given birth to fry. We've discovered three so far. Her tank is a 10g, cycled, filtered, and heated. We have another 10g we can raise the fry in since she wants to keep them (some of them, anyway), but...
  3. pakals

    Possibly Sick Cory?

    I'm not sure yet whether the emerald cory actually sick or not, so I'm not filling out the template. If anybody thinks that it is sick, though, I will. It's a 29g tank, moderately planted. My tests came out at 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, and 10-20 nitrates. There are two other emerald corys and one...
  4. pakals

    When To Stop Treating For Ich?

    Long story short, I didn’t have a quarantine tank and introduced an infected fish to my 29g. It didn’t show any signs of ich upon purchase, there weren’t any sick or dead fish in the tank with him (or any others, that I noticed), etc. Unfortunately, it passed away shortly after. For the last...
  5. pakals

    Is Bloodstone Safe For The Aquarium?

    I'm not sure whether or not there's a more specific name for it. We've always called it bloodstone (and my grandpa was a geomorphologist/geologist, and he called it bloodstone). Anyone know anything about it, in terms of whether it'll change pH, release heavy metals, etc.?
  6. pakals

    29 Gallon Tank Plant-safe Centerpiece Fish Suggestions?

    My dwarf gourami just died by the DGIV (I believe that's what it's called?). I'm already planning on going to a local fish store I just discovered this coming Saturday, and am wondering what "centerpiece" fish I could keep an eye out for. I love angelfish, but my gourami absolutely devoured my...
  7. pakals

    Help Cory Foggy Eye?

    I just noticed that one of my emerald cory catfish has a sort of web on his eye. Or, around it? The eye itself seems clear, but there's this translucent patch surrounding it. It's not fuzzy, and none of my other corys have anything like it, either. Tank What is the water volume of the tank...
  8. pakals

    New Plants Suggestions?

    I have a 29g tank right now that's already planted, but I was looking to add some new plants and wondered if anybody would have any suggestions? I'm not sure of any specifics, but I think I may want a smaller foreground plant, possibly carpeting (dwarf sag?) or a bushier mid-ground/background...
  9. pakals

    Do You Still Eat Fish?

    I've never liked seafood very much, but I used to tolerate shrimp alfredo on occasion. Except, now that I keep shrimps in my tank, I don't really like eating shrimp anymore. I know that the fish we keep and the fish we eat are different, and it's probably empty sentimentality on my end, but I'm...
  10. pakals

    29 Gallon Tank Stocking With Dwarf Gourami And Corys

    My established 10g underwent a mini-cycle yesterday. Not sure what caused it, but I did multiple large water changes and now all of my parameters are stable again (0/0/20). I'm still keeping a close eye on it. I think it has effectively convinced my mom that bigger tanks are, in fact, more...
  11. pakals

    29 Gallon Tank Changing Tank Owners And Rearranging Stocking

    That might be a confusing title... And this is going to get a bit lengthy, so sorry ahead of time. So, basically, I have a 29g that I've been cycling for the past seven weeks or so. I've had some kinks that have extended the cycling process (I think I let the ammonia and nitrites get too high...
  12. pakals

    Help Dwarf Gourami Will Not Stop Glass Surfing

    I've had my male powder blue DG for about two months now. The tank cycled for about a month before I put any fish in and still remains cycled. I'm currently experiencing about 40ppm nitrates, but he's been glass surfing for a long while now. I just did a 50% water change to bring them down and...
  13. pakals

    Maintaining During Power Outage

    We're expecting a bad ice storm tonight through tomorrow morning, and then another snow storm on Friday. Our powerlines are underground, so I don't lose power very often, but I still want to prepare in case. I've researched and found mostly the same stuff. Use blankets, towels, newspapers, etc...
  14. pakals

    Increasing Water Change Percentage?

    I've been testing elevated nitrates in my 10g planted tank. I caught on before it got horrible (initially around 40ppm), but I'm thinking I might be overfeeding and should do bigger water changes. I usually do 10% weekly. Would 25% be better? I tested my tap water's nitrates. The test came out...
  15. pakals

    How Do You Personally Determine Tank Stocking?

    I know the inch of fish per gallon isn't the best rule to follow. What I've been doing so far is researching the needs of the fish first before applying that rule to fish that can fit in the tank, so I'm not putting an eight inch fish in a 10g aquarium since it wouldn't be enough space for it to...
  16. pakals

    Help Can I Add Another Cory?

    I have (what I would consider "moderately") planted 10g with a powder blue dwarf gourami, a pair of emerald corys, one juhlii (don't know if it's false or not), two horned nerites, and a pair of ghost shrimp that will be moved into a shrimp-only tank once it's cycled. Everything is relatively...
  17. pakals

    Dg Swimming Frantically

    I've been noticing a weird swimming pattern with my powder blue dwarf. He's in a moderately planted 10g tank. I haven't noticed this before, but he'll suddenly start swimming really frantically and kinda jerking in zigzags before stopping and then acting completely normal. I've never had any...
  18. pakals

    Transporting Carpeting And Rooting Plants?

    I'm going to be moving in a few months to another state, about seven hours away. I know tanks can change in a few months, but I'm trying to plan ahead as best I can. I have a 10g with a dwarf gourami, three corys, two ghost shrimp, and two nerite snails. I'm also almost finished cycling a 5g...
  19. pakals

    Question Can Snails Come In Planted Substrate?

    I just changed out my gravel for CaribSea yesterday since I plan to add some more plants and noticed a new hitchhiker. This is 10g established tank with a dwarf gourami, three emerald corys, two ghost shrimp, and two horned nerite snails. As far as I'm aware, nerites can't reproduce in...
  20. pakals

    5g Shrimp Tank Set-up?

    I have a 10g community tank that I added some ghost shrimp to, and I’ve sorta gotten the shrimp “bug.” I’m interested in starting a 5g shrimp-only tank, and I’m not entirely sure where to start. I know I need a finer substrate. I have some java moss I can pull out of my 10g. I have other live...

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