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  1. I'm not Fish-ist

    Paludarium Plant Selection & Light

    I am finishing a simple 18*18*12 paludarium. The water side is 10"*18" and 3"deep. I am looking at ferns and alocasia for my land portion and pothos and other aquatic plants for the water portion. I ordered a coralife 50/50 compact bulb and currently have a 100 watt equivalent LED bulb for...
  2. I'm not Fish-ist

    Threadfin Rainbows

    Hello there, Im stocking a soon to be planted 30 gallon 30l*12w*18h ( Plants first of course!). I would like to have a school of thredfin rainbowfish, I would like to know how many i can have. I will get a few less than the most i can get. Also any other small fish/unique inverts that can live...
  3. I'm not Fish-ist

    Wattage For 200-300g?

    I'm upgrading my turtle Flip from a 100g tank to a 200-300g pond tub. I just need to know wattage for 2 heaters for this much water.
  4. I'm not Fish-ist

    Plants ok for now?

    Hey-o, my birthday is today and yesterday I bought a 5 1/2 gallon top fin kit and set it up last night and filled it w/ water and ran the filter and it is running great now. I put a 2 inch pleco 5 ghost shrimp and a male crowntail betta in there to kickstart the bio filter and cycle as I'm fresh...
  5. I'm not Fish-ist

    Fowlr? Sorta.

    Hi, Right now I have a marineland 29 gallon tank cycling with FW. I am very experineced in FW but I (nor anyone I know ) have ever done SW. I would like to make this one SW but am unsure of stocking and equipment. It took tons of research and these are probably still not ok but here's what I've...
  6. I'm not Fish-ist

    Lighting choice for plants?

    I have a 29 gallon FW about halfway through cycling and I have always wanted it to be planted. I for sure want white sand for substrate but im not entirely sure if this will be best for plant roots. I want sand because i love the look and I REALLY want a school of cory's and I know sand is most...
  7. I'm not Fish-ist

    40 gallon sump for 180 fowlr tank

    Hi, I am looking at what I need to build a sump big enough to easily keep up with a 180 gallon tank. 1.) Is a 40 gallon big enough for this sump? 2.) List of all materials needed aside from sump tank, silcone and glass sheets? 3.) Maybe a step by step list of instructions on how to make...
  8. I'm not Fish-ist

    What "Iconic" fish can I stock in a 180 FOWLR?

    Just as the title says, I was wondering what I could put in 180 fowlr tank. The tank is 6'x2'x25" tall. I am very experienced with FW but This would be my first SW. So I am concious of cost of everything and care/maintenance. I also will be caring for the tank. And Rest assured I have spent...
  9. I'm not Fish-ist

    What can I put with a turtle in a 100 gallon tank?

    I just got a 100 gallon tank for my 3 year old turtle named Flip. He is a chinese golden thread turtle and has reached his max size of 8 inches. The tank is 5' by 18" by about 20/21 inches. He has lived with 2 5 inch beautiful comet goldfish but they passed about a year ago and he is currently...
  10. I'm not Fish-ist

    120 Gal stock

    I am planning on getting freshwater 120 gallon tank (4'L*2'W*25"T). I will have live plants and community fish. I will get 2 Emperor 400 filters, 2 200 watt heaters (dont know if that is correct wattage for this size tank, i want 2 heaters for even heating of the tank). I want to plant 2 amazon...
  11. I'm not Fish-ist

    30 gal stock

    I would like to stock a 30 gallon tank with 1 angelfish, 10 neon tetras, 3 cory cats, 5 ghost shrimp, and 2 mystery snails. It is cycling now and it will be planted with 2 amazon swords, 3 money worts, 1 anubias and 1 water wisteria and I will let the plants grow for a week or 2 and then put the...
  12. I'm not Fish-ist

    30 gal betta sorority tank?

    Hello Fishlorers, I currently have an empty 30 gallon tank that I would like to turn into a planted tank. I have never done live plants before in my 10 years of fishkeeping. I would like to have a betta sorority or maybe dwarf puffers. I have everything needed to set it up i.e heater, filter...

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