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    Planted 55 gallon tank
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    Planted tank
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    Corydoras Acutus
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    Corydoras Acutus
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    Corydoras Acutus
  6. Whip

    Corydoras Acutus aggression?

    Is this by chance an egg?
  7. Whip

    Corydoras Acutus aggression?

    Maybe I’ve just got some big males.
  8. Whip

    Corydoras Acutus aggression?

    Right. But from everything I’ve read, the females are the bigger of the two. And at first they were the ones seeming to be the aggressors. Maybe just trying to say I’m not interested at the moment? It was also during feeding time. Not sure if that would matter. Later on though, it was the...
  9. Whip

    Corydoras Acutus aggression?

    Yep, that’s pretty much it. At first the females were aggressively chasing the males and it seemed like food aggression. But later, after I posted this, it was obvious they were mating. It was really cool. I wish I could get my phone to access my videos. If I can figure it out later I’ll...
  10. Whip

    Corydoras Acutus aggression?

    Thanks for the reply. I was wondering if that could be the case. Having never seen it before, I have no idea what actually happens. They are Corydoras Acutus (Blacktop). I tried posting a video clip but for some reason it’s only accessing my photos and not my videos. Almost certain it’s...
  11. Whip

    Corydoras Acutus aggression?

    There’s 8 Cory’s, 9 Tetras, and 5 Rams. I’ve wanted to up the Cory’s but I can’t seem to find these guys. I didn’t realize at the time it would be this difficult to get more of them. Thanks
  12. Whip

    Corydoras Acutus aggression?

    Hey all. Still pretty new here and have a question... I’ve got a 55 gallon tank that’s been up about 4 months. I’ve got Corydoras Acutus, Red Eye Tetras, and Bolivian Rams in the tank. It’s a very peaceful tank. The different species pretty much pay no mind to the others but lately it seems...
  13. Whip

    Dark Sand Patch

    No. Nothing like that. It was just like black sand coming up everywhere. It’s got to be dirt or some sort of bacteria. Just threw me for a loop as I really thought it was just a pocket. Actually, after stirring it up last night it appears to be gone. I appreciate the replies.
  14. Whip

    Dark Sand Patch

    It’s pool filter sand. I do have about 6 plants in there and use tabs and some liquid fertilizer from time to time.
  15. Whip

    Dark Sand Patch

    Any idea what it is? Just dirt?
  16. Whip

    Dark Sand Patch

    hi guys. So, I was doing a water change last night and there is a dark spot a couple inches long at the bottom of my sand. I’ve seen it for a week or so and thought it was just an air pocket. I figured I’d push the vacuum down there to get it out and turns out it was not an air pocket cause...
  17. Whip

    Opps I Did It Again!

  18. Whip

    It's My Birthday!

  19. Whip

    Cory Debate

    I also think either option would work. Nothing to worry about in terms of being too frantic. They’re silly and social. They may not congregate together as one group but I’ve seen people say their mixed groups do an extent. I think a bigger school of 1 species would be happier and much more...
  20. Whip

    Gbr’s With Cory Cats?

    I was just offering advice based on the little knowledge I have. I spend more time reading about things than anything else. I didn’t mean to offend you or anything. I’ve been looking in to rams, specifically, for a while for the purpose of coexisting with my Corydoras Acutus. My Gh is too...

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