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  1. kjw0916

    Is This Fin Rot?

    Sorry, I know there are probably a thousand of these posts. My bettas fin is all tattered on the edges. There was never any red. They got kind of white on the edges and then tattered. He seems fine otherwise. Parameters are Ammonia 0, Nitrate 5, Nitrite 0, pH 7.6. 10 gallon tank @ about 78°...
  2. kjw0916

    Cypress Driftwood

    I'm starting a 40g and was looking for hardscape stuff and came across a cypress knee that I can get free of charge. What would I need to do to it before using it? Or is cypress even an appropriate choice?
  3. kjw0916

    Which Type Of Ludwigia Are These?

    They just don't look like the types they were sold to me as. Anyone know which ones they are? I wanted to try to propagate the first one but want to be sure I can before I try. If that makes sense.
  4. kjw0916

    Dropsy Or Eggs?

    My glofish danio looks fatter than usual. I took her out and put her in a temporary quarantine and she just doesn't seem sick, just fatter. She didn't eat the food I put in but I had just fed the tank when I noticed her being bloated. She hasn't been hiding or being lazy. She's always had a...
  5. kjw0916

    Any Idea What These Are? Bug? Snail?

    The pics aren't great. Basically I noticed one of my plants was being nibbled at but the tank only has a betta and some mystery snails in it so there shouldn't be any plant eaters. While I was looking at the plant I noticed these two things. Completely different but haven't seen either before. I...
  6. kjw0916

    Need Advice On Bronze/green Cory Home

    I have a 20g with some peppered and bronze corys. The peppered have had a bunch of babies and are pushing my tank to overstocked. I was thinking of moving my bronze (there are only 2) over to my 10g betta tank but I've seen kind of mixed information on whether they would live happily together...
  7. kjw0916

    How Do I Transport Corydora Catfish

    I am taking some baby corys to a coworker and I need advice on how to move them. I have 11 and am taking 6 to her. They are 1" or so. Will they be ok without a heater and filter for the work day? I don't want them to die.
  8. kjw0916

    Short People Problem

    I am planning on getting a 40 gallon tank and am wondering if there are stands out there for short people. Because I'm short, cleaning & planting in my 20 is not easy and usually makes my back hurt. Would I just have to build something myself? If so, how would I determine what materials and if...
  9. kjw0916

    Question Are There Good Floating Plants For High Surface Movement?

    If so, what are they? I have some ludwigia floating right now because it won't stay planted. My tank is 20g and with two bubblers and the filter, there is a lot of surface movement. I would like some floating plants but haven't been able to find any that sound like they would be ok with the...
  10. kjw0916

    Setting Up A Betta Tank

    I want to set up a Betta tank for my kids. I would be the one caring for it though. My kids are 3 & 4 and not ready to be responsible for a living creature. Anyway, my questions are: What is the ideal tank size? I know the tiny ones are bad and I want space for some plants anyway. I was...
  11. kjw0916

    I Think All Of My Baby Mystery Snails Are Ivory.

    The female was ivory but both a blue and ivory mated with her. I was hoping for some blues that I could eventually mate with a magenta and maybe come out with some purple ones. The only place I can find purple right now is Ebay and I'm not really sure if the sellers are trustworthy. I looked...
  12. kjw0916

    How Do I Know If Eggs Won't Hatch

    Basically, I'm wondering how I would be able to tell if my mystery snail egg clutch is too hard for the little snails to get out. It's been 17 days for one and 15 for the other. I can tell there are little snails in the second one but I'm concerned that my incubator is not warm/humid enough.
  13. kjw0916

    How Do I Not Suck Up Fry And Still Clean Sand?

    Hi! I know I have at least one cory fry in my tank as I almost sucked it up during my last water change. I need to be able to clean the sand some and suck up detritus but I don't want to lose the fry. Any suggestions? Or is the only option using nylon hose over the intake of the vacuum and...
  14. kjw0916

    Help My Mystery Snail Escaped And Cracked Her Shell

    One of my friends is telling me she may be ok but I don't know because her shell is cracked so badly. Picture below. Is there any chance she will survive? I can't bring myself to euthanize if she is still alive but won't live. She just laid two clutches and I think she was probably looking for...
  15. kjw0916

    Mystery Snail Laying Eggs In Impossible Spot

    Seriously right on the front of the biowheel cover of the filter... I left the water level low for a week or so because i thought she might be ready to lay but never did so I filled it up with my last water change (a little less than an inch from the top). NOW she decides it's time... there is...
  16. kjw0916

    Eggs. What Kind?

    Anyone know what these are? I have zebra danios, cory cats, guppies, nerite snails, mystery snails, and chopstick snails.
  17. kjw0916

    How Do I Plantlets. What To Do With Them?

    I have a bunch of little plantlets from a windelov java fern. They are too small to tie down to anything. Right now I have them in a separate container with water from the tank. I thought about floating them until they are bigger but I don't know if that would work. Would it? Or are they ok in...
  18. kjw0916

    Glofish Danio W Bent Tail

    I have had this danio for about 3 months. A week or two ago I noticed his tail has developed a curve. He seems fine otherwise. It just looks like his body grew way faster than his tail. Is this a disease? Or is he ok? In the picture, he is the one at the top. Sorry about the blur. I'll answer...
  19. kjw0916

    Help Dwarf Gourami Harassing Mystery Snail

    My Dwarf Gourami has been nipping at my snails. I've noticed my mystery snail no longer crawls around with it's tentacles out which makes me a bit sad. I'm not sure what to do. I don't have a second tank to move the gourami to. Is it possible the gourami could live in a bowl for a day, maybe a...
  20. kjw0916

    Need Help W Ammonia

    I am new to this so I made the mistake of buying a 10g tank, letting it run for a week with a bacteria quick start, having the pet store check my water, then putting in fish. 5 glofish danios. About a month in I had lost two fish and replaced only one of them and had a mystery snail. The tank...

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