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  1. Fishkeeping With Andy

    120 Gallon Stocking???

    Ok, I was planning on having a 75 gallon tank, but I just found an amazing deal on a 120 gallon! And my parents are letting me get it! So I was wondering about stocking, I want it to be a community tank. Here are the stats: Tank: 60 in by 18 in by 24 in Substrate: Sand Planted? Yes but no CO2...
  2. Fishkeeping With Andy

    Golden Dojo For Tropical?

    Ok soon I will be getting my 75 gallon aquarium, and I have been reading more about Dojo Leaches and it seems they prefer colder temperature. If I kept the tank at 78 would he still be alright? TIA- Andy
  3. Fishkeeping With Andy

    Blood Parrot With Guppies?

    Ok, so I am thinking of getting 1 or 2 blood parrot cichlids for a 75 gallon tank, but I have some platies and guppies currently. Do you think they would live ok together? Blood parrots are really cool, and I don't want to rehome my platies either. Thanks in advance, -Andy
  4. Fishkeeping With Andy

    Golden Dojo Loach With Back Issues

    Hey everyone, I just barely got a new tank from my friends who is moving, and one of the fish in it is a golden dojo loach. He seems to have a warp or something in his back and I was wondering if you guys knew anything about this, or if it is possible for it to be fixed. Thanks for any help in...
  5. Fishkeeping With Andy

    Nerite With Snail Eating Fish?

    Ok, I have a Nerite snail, and I also have a whole lot of tiny ramshorn snails. I have a 20 gallon right now, but if the fish gets bigger, I'll be getting a 75 gallon soon. So, are there any fish that will eat small snails, but not my 1 inch Nerite? Tia, -Andy
  6. Fishkeeping With Andy

    Getting New Tank....

    Hello, I currently have a 20 gallon tall aquarium, and I am wanting to get a new aquarium between 55 and 90 gallons. Which do you think is ideal? I will mainly be having small fish in it. Any info helps! -Andy

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