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    Using Epsom Salt For Ich?

    I bought two convict cichlids yesterday and noticed today that they have a few white spots on them. I’ve read contradicting articles on using Epsom salt to treat ich, but I already have a bag of it that would be easy to add. Will Epsom salt work to kill the ich or is aquarium salt the only solution?
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    37 Gallon W/ Ebjd

    I ordered an electric blue jack dempsey earlier this week that arrived yesterday at a little under an inch in length. He’s alone in a 37 gallon tank with an aqua-tech 30-60 filter. Originally I was planning on him being by himself until I could maybe afford a larger tank, although I’m not quite...
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    Stocking List For 37g

    I have decided to start a species tank in the next week or two and wanted to post the stock here to get some more opinions. Would the tetras be fine in the tank with them? According to AqAdvisor it is 88% stocked with 162% filtration capacity. It’s a 37 gallon with an aqua-tech 30-60 filter 1x...
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    What Size Tank Is Best For An Angelfish?

    A local fish store near me has some really nice angels that I’ve been interested in since I found the store around a year ago. I have a 38 gallon tank with an aquatech 30-60 filter, and was wondering if a large, full grown angelfish would be happy and comfortable in this size tank. He’d most...
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    Are Electric Blue Acara Aggressive?

    I have a 38 gallon tank with 2 angelfish, 3 turquoise rainbowfish, and an electric blue acara. I know the tank is too small, and the angels were the only ones I was planning on keeping and rehoming the rest with a friend soon. Anyways, I walked in and noticed the one of the angelfish was dead...
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    Betta Compatible?

    i have a male CT betta that I have owned for around a year, maybe a little longer. But I want to move him into a bigger tank than his 3 gallon. I have a 29 gallon aquarium that I have finished stocking and was hoping that he would do well. I have seen bettas kept successfully with some of the...
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    Long, White String?

    Today I noticed that my male dwarf gourami was trailing a string behind him. But he has been swimming as usual all around the tank and is active as he always is. He's been eating too and doesn't seem to show any signs of any problems. Is this common, or is something wrong? Edit; it just came...
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    Dwarf Gourami Male Or Female?

    I currently own two red dwarf gouramis and can't decide if they're male or female? One does have a more rounded dorsal fin than the other.

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