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    Need help with bug eyes and bloated stomach

    We have seven skirt tetras (6 glowfish and one whiteskirt), 6 cardinal tetras and six amano shrimp. The green glowfish (seawead) has buggy eyes and her stomach is much fatter than the rest. The rest of the fish in the tank don't seem affected in any way. It's a 45 gallon reasonably planted tank...
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    I Think I Made A Stocking Mistake

    So we were at the fish store and I was looking for a white skirt tetra that my daughter already named Blizzard to add to her glowfish tetras (6 in all, 1 of each color). BTW, will the white skirt school with the others? I think I read that it will. But they didn't have any. So instead I got a...
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    Which Output Flow Option Should I Choose On My Canister Filter

    Still new to the hobby and will be setting up a 45 gallon tank with my daughter this week with an aqueon quietflow canister filter, which has three options for the output. I bought it because it had the hang on the back piece thinking it would give me better options for carbon, polishing etc...
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    Relative Newbie Giving A B-day Gift To My Daughter

    Hello to all, I haven't kept fish for over 15 years now and recently bought my (soon to be) 8 yr. old daughter a new fish tank for her upcoming birthday. Suffice it to say, I made every mistake in the book with my goldfish and betta (yes, in the same unheated tank). Who miraculously lasted...

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