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  1. trinket

    Low light plants in sand

    Hey everyone. I have a low light set up, no CO2 added and currently no ferts. I have some root tabs and a liquid fert but I have my frog in the tank so I'm not using them, and have used Seachem Fluorite gravel before and hated it. I have java fern and anubias currently. I'd like a few more...
  2. trinket

    Algae on divider

    I have a divider in my tank, it's from Petsmart and like really fine/smooth plastic mesh or something. Algae has taken over so now it's all green. How on earth can I clean it?
  3. trinket

    Want to try a honey gourami again

    Hey everyone. Awhile ago I had some major problems with my 24-25 gallon tank-things were fine for some time and then after new fish (that I had quarantined for 2 months) everything ended up dying off one by one over some time. I tried everything and nothing worked, I was pretty defeated. I threw...
  4. trinket

    Tap water pH is 8.4, tank is 7.2

    Hey everyone. I redid my aquarium after some disease problems earlier this year and things are going okay so far. All that's in the tank this time around is a betta and my ADF on the other side of a divider (I had the frog in another tank but keeping up with cleaning two was hard for me)...
  5. trinket

    Starting over-how to make it safe?

    I only have 3 tetras left in my aquarium (that's had on going problems for about a year and a half) and they aren't getting better. I don't know what to do for them anymore, so I've decided to euthanize them (I'll use the clove oil method). It's a hard choice to make but I can't keep up with...
  6. trinket

    Problem for over a year, do I give up?

    I've been keeping fish for awhile now. My problems started beginning of last year when I decided to set up a new, bigger tank. I bought new fish and so on, quarantined in a separate tank. The store apparently sold me sick fish though and despite a month or two in quarantine whatever it was, got...
  7. trinket

    ADF tank

    I've had my ADF tank set up for about 5 months now, I think? It's 5 gallons, has sand, driftwood and java fern. I clean it once a week and every time, there is so much junk floating about after adding the new water in. Sometimes I add the new water, then siphon it back out to get the floaty...
  8. trinket

    Fluval making noise.

    Fluval Internal U2. I've had this filter on my tank for maybe 5 months or so, and it's been great. Except last week when I plugged it in after a water change, it wouldn't start. So I took the whole thing out of the tank and rinsed it out and cleaned out the impeller part and it turned on okay...
  9. trinket

    UV Sterilizer?

    I'm having problems in my tank and I'm not positive what it is, but it seems bacterial. I've tried antibiotics sold at the Petsmart here without luck. I ordered Kanaplex from a website but it'll take a couple weeks to get here, at least. I'm wondering if I should try something like a UV...
  10. trinket

    My main tank

    I feel like it isn't looking so great but I'm waiting for the plants to fill in more (some are pretty new to the tank and slow growing crypts) before I start adding more stuff and moving everything around. Anyone have any suggestions? I was thinking of getting a bigger piece of driftwood to go...
  11. trinket

    What do your ADF tanks look like?

    I'm just curious how you have your tanks for ADFs, what sort of decorations or plants are in there and so on. Mine is pretty empty for now and want more 'cover' in there for Cricket. I'm waiting for the java fern to start a baby and once a baby fern grows I'll attach it to something on the...
  12. trinket

    Honeys and Dwarf Gourami Disease

    I've read some conflicting information about this, that honeys are immune to DGD or not. I bought one a bit over a month ago and he was doing well in the quarantine tank (for a month). I introduced him to my main tank and I think it was only one day later I noticed him laying on the bottom...
  13. trinket

    Fish Similar to Gourami?

    Anyone have a recommendation for a fish similar to a gourami in personality? I missed having my betta because of his character and this gourami is very very similar that way, which I think is why he's my favorite. He isn't doing well at all.
  14. trinket

    Do you ever feel like you can't do it anymore?

    I previously had my 10 gallon tank set up for over a year without any major issues aside from some stubborn algae. But since setting up my new tank this year it's been problem after problem since the beginning. My fish keep dying and despite my best efforts I can't just get everything going...
  15. trinket

    Fluval internal filter and small fish

    I added my neon tetras to my main tank (after their month long quarantine). I have a Fluval internal filter in the back corner, almost right against the back and pointed across the back of the tank. Tonight I checked on everyone and counted 4 tetras, one was missing. I did a quick look and...
  16. trinket

    How to float java moss?

    I'd like to have some floating java moss in my tank (want pennywort but can't find it here). I've heard of attaching it to cork but I have no cork and would rather not go out looking for it. Is there an easy way I'm missing? Thanks!
  17. trinket

    cory didn't acclimate well?

    My new fish made it through their month of quarantine so I added them to my main tank (tank was set up in march or so, and, not all, I'm doing the tetras a few days later so the bioload isn't suddenly doubled). I acclimated them each separately and each took about half an hour. My honey gourami...
  18. trinket

    Habrosus tried to mate with...

    I've had my habrosus cories for awhile now, originally I bought four (all the store had left) and two died. The two left were okay but weren't as active. I still haven't been able to find more habrosus again (I gave the store my number for when they get more, they said it could be months) so I...
  19. trinket

    Honey Gourami is a picky eater.

    I've had my honey gourami for a few weeks now. He seems to be doing well, on and off he builds a bubble nest, I take this as a sign that he's probably happy. (in a quarantine tank with some other fish) He's a picky eater though. I was wondering what everyone else feeds theirs? I tried some...
  20. trinket

    Bloated guppy with fin rot

    For the last week or so I've noticed one of my guppies is having some issues. I've had the guppies for awhile but some of you may remember my previous threads about a mysterious illness that killed several of my fish. No one has died in about 2 months though and the other fish seem okay. I...

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