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  1. BillynJennifer

    Oh Heck

    These crays are going to be the death of me. It kept running the shrimp and other crays, away from its pea, then I thought it was dead but it must have figured out that going at it from the side was the best angle.
  2. BillynJennifer

    Breeding dwarf orange crayfish

    With the Dwarf Orange Crayfish, does their breeding mirror Neo shrimp? Does the female have to molt and then give off a hormone for the male to mate with her?
  3. BillynJennifer

    Oh No

    I thought I lost one earlier until I looked closer and saw it was a moult. Then this one promptly started eating the moult.
  4. BillynJennifer

    Peas Please

    They really like the pad I put in.
  5. BillynJennifer

    New Crays

    I lost my female a little while back, so I stopped at a fish store while coming through Nashville, TN. They had several dwarf oranges, so I grabbed two new ones. I love these.
  6. BillynJennifer

    New Babies

    I feel like it's Christmas morning every time I find new babies. Don't mind the algae.
  7. BillynJennifer

    Red Tiger Lotus

    Red Tiger Lotus is one of my favorite aquarium plants. I planted a brand new Lotus tonight. When it takes off, I want it to fill that corner
  8. BillynJennifer

    These crayfish colors

    The colors on these things keep getting brighter. Definitely my favorite!
  9. BillynJennifer

    Red Tiger Lotus

    I got a Red Tiger Lotus recently in the mail. The sprouted part that has roots popped off of the bulb. Can I just plant that in the substrate or is that doomed to die?
  10. BillynJennifer

    Dwarf Orange Cray

    I love these little rascals. They've got a lot of personality, but I also like the contrasting colors between this cray and the black gravel.
  11. BillynJennifer

    New Crays

    I got a male /female pair of Mexican Dwarf Crayfish in the mail today. Can't wait until I get them acclimated and in the tank.
  12. BillynJennifer

    Taking A Break

    This will be the first winter that I have had shrimp. Will the colder weather cause a slow down on breeding? It seems like a few of my female shrimp are molting, berrying up, hatching eggs and starting the whole thing over again very quickly. I imagine they would like a little break.
  13. BillynJennifer

    They Said No To Grapes

    I put a grape in and a couple of my shrimp tried it, but it definitely wasn't a success.
  14. BillynJennifer

    Cardinal Plant

    Cardinal Plant is an underrated aquarium plant, but it's actually one of my favorite plants in my aquarium.
  15. BillynJennifer

    Big Momma

    Got home tonight and found this girl all berried up.
  16. BillynJennifer

    The Next Generation

    Two of my big orange saddled female Neos, eating with the next generation.
  17. BillynJennifer


    Earlier today, I was halfway listening to something on television. I was working on paperwork. Someone had said, "I like this station." I heard, "I like crustacean." My ear went up and I got tuned in real quick. Then I was disappointed that we weren't talking about shrimp, crayfish, and...
  18. BillynJennifer

    Cucumber Must Be Awful Good

    I dropped in some cucumber earlier and a bunch turned out to try it out. Also, one of the baby shrimp, on the cucumber, showed up also. IMG_0553 by BillynJennifer posted Aug 20, 2019 at 4:39 PM
  19. BillynJennifer

    Berried Cherry Shrimp

    This is my first ACTUAL cherry shrimp to be berried.
  20. BillynJennifer

    Should I Cull

    I noticed this shrimp tonight. It has a lot of white tissue inside. Should I cull it just in case?

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