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    Ph For Betta Fish?

    Can I keep a Betta in PH 8.5? I can't lower it. If not what species could I keep (only in a 5 gallon though).
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    Buying A Tank?

    I'm looking for a 30 gallon and up for a good price. Anyone have any recommendations for good suppliers?
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    Tanks For A Beginner

    Hi everyone! What size and type tanks (and fish species) would you recommend for a beginner? My water PH is 8.2-8.4
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    Buying A Tank?

    Hiiiii, I want to buy 20ish gallon tank to keep various cichlids in. Anybody got any suggestions on good suppliers?
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    Driftwood In Tank?

    I have a five gallon tank which I have placed some driftwood in. I really need it in there to lower the PH and soften my water, however its turning my water really brown. Any way I can keep the water clear whilst still getting the benefits of the released tannins?
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    Fish For 5 Gallon Tank?

    Suggested fish for a 5 gallon tank with a PH of 8.2-8.4?
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    Ph For Betta Fish?

    I have set up a five gallon planted tank which has been running on a fishless cycle for 2 weeks. Everything seems to be at the right levels, except the PH. I have a relatively constant PH of 8.2 to 8.4, and I know that that is way to high for most fish. My tank isn't big enough for most fish...

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