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  1. LisaAnne

    What plants for Frontosa?

    Does anyone keep Frontosa with live plants? I've read that a lot of people have had success keeping them together but, my Fronts always strip my plants of all their leaves, then pull the bare stem out of my substrate. Many plants have met this fate! Still, I am determined to find a plant that...
  2. LisaAnne

    UV sterilizer question... again

    My Aqua UV bulb blew out after about 2 weeks! (BIG bummer since they are $60+ to replace!) I don't believe that the bulb was defective since it was working, (if only for a short time) and the bulb is now scorched near the filament. That being so, I'm wondering if I have a transformer problem. I...
  3. LisaAnne

    UV sterilizer question

    I have this monster of a uv sterilizer (Aqua 57 watt) hooked up to my 180 but, I have it hooked up inline to only one of my 2 Eheim canister filters. Will it work well enough being attached to only one filter? I'm guessing it will still do it's job, just might work slower??
  4. LisaAnne

    Potassium permanganate

    When purchasing Potassium Permanganate (PP) for plant dips, do I need to look for a specific grade/quality? Can I just pick up the stuff I find at my local hardware store?
  5. LisaAnne


    I just found some baby Julidochromis in my 180!!!! They're so cute! Edit: BOTH pairs of my Julis have had babies!
  6. LisaAnne

    Will my sand substrate be ok for a few vals?

    I'm planning on adding a few vals to my tanganyikan tank and my question is: will a sand substrate suffice as long as I am using fertilizer and have proper lighting? This will not be a heavily planted tank. There aren't many plants found in lake tanganyika... which is why my aquarium has been...
  7. LisaAnne

    UV Sterilizer

    I'm looking for a good UV sterilizer for my 180 gallon. Anyone have a good recommendation? There are SO MANY mixed reviews out there that I was wondering about what experience people on FL have had.
  8. LisaAnne

    Plant lighting. Good? Bad?

    Can anyone give me their opinion about these lights for aquarium plants. Thanks! I don't have much experience using LED lights.
  9. LisaAnne

    vinyl for acrylic aquarium background?

    Has anyone used vinyl from their local sign shop (same vinyl you see as decals on car windows) as a background for an acrylic tank? I am thinking that is the way to go and was wondering if anyone has had experience with it. I want something that can be removed in case I decide to change it...
  10. LisaAnne

    acrylic aquarium support

    If you have ever wondered what it would be like to have a 180 gallon aquarium break and empty onto your nice hardwood floors, then leak through the floor down into your basement.... I can now tell you what that's like. I am still unsure what on earth caused this break! It didn't leak from a...
  11. LisaAnne

    Heater went haywire!

    I woke up yesterday to see my tank reaching over 80 degrees and my heater was still heating!! Not ideal from my fronts! I have read a lot about heater preferences but, I have not seen a lot of advice about heaters for larger tanks. Does anyone have any advice about the best way to heat a 180...
  12. LisaAnne

    Making the move from 55 gallon to 180 gallon.

    I am new here and not totally sure if I am doing this right. This is the first forum I have ever belonged to. Please bare with me! lol I have read lots and gathered lots of info. Thanks to all! I do have a few questions. I am moving from a established 55 gallon tank to a 180 gallon tank. I got...

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