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  1. BettaBubble

    betta With Dropsy

    Hi, so I've never dealt with dropsy before, but my betta fish is very bloated. I read online that aquarium salts can cure it. So I added them to the tank. She doesn't have any raised scales. So I believe she must be in the early stages. Is there any other ways to cure it?
  2. BettaBubble

    Help I Have Ich!

    hello everyone! So I just got a new fish a week ago and I didn't quarantine him (I know, I know). I should've. But now I can see white dots all over his tail. And some of my other goldfish are lethargic. It's a 55 gallon with 4 small fancy goldfish. How do I treat it. Should I treat the whole...
  3. BettaBubble

    Pinkish Water?

    Hello everybody! I am having same water quality issues. My water always turns pink. I just changed the water a few days ago and the next day the water was pink! Where could the pink be coming from. I have 3 fancy goldfish in a 55 gallon aquarium.
  4. BettaBubble

    Red Streaks On Goldfish Fins

    Hello! I have a fancy goldfish who has red streaks in his tail fin. Would a simple water change help? None of the other fish have it. Is it serious? Tank info: I have 3 fancy goldfish in a 55 gallon aquarium Last water change was last week. Sorry I don't have the water perameters, I ran out of...
  5. BettaBubble

    Filter Is Stressing Out My Betta

    My betta fish has an undergravel filter, and I think it's stressing her out. She had stress stripes and I couldnt find why. Then just today I turned the filter off to see if maybe that was why. And soon her stress stripes vanished! I think the filter was too strong. There were bubbles all only...
  6. BettaBubble

    How Does This Filter Work!?

    So I bought a kit for my betta (I cycled it before I bought her) It said it can with an air pump and a filtration system. It doesn't have a hang on back filter. All it has is this large tube and on the bottom of the tube (the tube is more like a pipe) is the "filtration system". It's just a...
  7. BettaBubble

    Stress Stripes On Betta

    What could be causing my betta to have stress stripes? I got her one month ago. Her tank is fully cycled. Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 5
  8. BettaBubble

    So Much Algae!

    what kind of algae is this and how do I get rid of it? What causes it?
  9. BettaBubble

    How To Convince Someone They Are Overstocked?

    Hi! My friend has an overstocked tank and I need help convincing him. He has 3 fancy goldfish a koi and a pleco in a 55 gallon! I told him plecos need at least 150 gallons and koi needs more than that but he thinks since they are small they have so much room. He thinks he can add another...
  10. BettaBubble

    How Many Fancy Goldfish In A 55 Gallon

    How many fancy goldfish can I put in a 55 gallon? I know comets and other single tailed need 75+. There are so many different rules out there. 20 gal for the first 10 for any added. Is that true?

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