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  1. Tony M

    Angels Bickering

    My Platinum Angels are always side by side, but seem to snip at each other after the weekly water change. They’ll do this for maybe 20 to 30 minutes then all is well again? They don’t do any damage so I’m not too concerned. Just wondering if any one else has seen this.
  2. Tony M

    Angel Question

    This morning when I turned on the lights one of my angels was lying flat on it’s side. After a few minutes he was up and swimming fine. At feeding time he ate just like normal. Should I be worried? They are my first Angels. I’ve had them for a few months and they are fairly large as you can...
  3. Tony M

    New Odor

    I just switched my tank from an Mbuna tank to a planted community tank. I was using crushed coral as a substrate, now I’m using pool filter sand. I’m keeping about 20 fish. mollies, swords, Angels and a small Bristlenose. It’s a 46 gallon bow front running a Fluval FX4. So that’s more...
  4. Tony M

    Snails On Plants

    I’ve never kept live plants, but want to start. My concern is snails. I’ve read that plants can bring in snails that can populate and become a problem. I may want to keep a few Sterite snails which cannot breed in a freshwater tank but I don’t want any surprises. How can I be sure the...
  5. Tony M

    Changing To Community Tank

    Hi All, First post here. I’ve been keeping Mbunas for the past three years. I jumped in not knowing what I know now and tried to keep them in a 46 bow front which is only 3 feet long. Went well when they were juvies but as they matured it didn’t go well. Any way I’m changing over to a...

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