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    Beneficial Bacteria in a Bottle

    Hi all I want to cycle a tank fast, and without fish. Is all BBB the same? Thanks again guys Tips / recommendations on this cycle would be appreciated too
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    Crushed Coral As A Substrate

    Hi all I have heard that using crushed coral has some stabilizing and buffering properties when used in fw tanks. I can't find much on the subject, could someone explain, and I'd like to know if coral would be appropriate in a Discus tank. Thanks a bunch!
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    Question about Danios

    Hi all, I keep about 14 Danios in a community tank (75gal) Of the 14, 5 are pink, 5 are Pearl, 4 are Glow lite. I have little experience with these guys, and while they all hang out in the same part of the tank, Im not sure if I'm seeing normal schooling behavior. I don't see any missing...
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    Odessa Barb Question

    I recently purchased an Odessa Barb, I purchased it by itself but was told as long as there are barbs of similar size for it to school with I'd be alright. Now my OB is chasing around my other barbs and smaller fish, do you think adding another Odessa Barb will ease aggression?
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    Tips on Keeping Sturgeon

    Over the years my dad and I have tried to keep Sturgeon in our Koi pond. We have not had much luck. Weve purchased them somewhat small 3-4 inches and not sure where they end up. I have a feeling someone in the pond may be an undercover carnivore. OR the Sturgeon are starving to death. Sturgeons...
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    Hi all!!

    Im Rocky, Im happy to be here, cant wait to meet you all. Im in my mid 30s, Ive kept fish most of my life. Currently I have a 75 gal community tank, and another 30 gal tank that is empty I live near Knotts Berry Farm in Buena Park CA. Oh and I happily left another site because of their mods...

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