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  1. Alhana

    Floaters And A Crypt

    So I got some floaters free when I got some shrimp from a local breeder but I wasnt really sure which type they were. They seem to triple their numbers every week, I take bunches out and then the top is full by the end of the week. Here is the top view Here are the roots I also have a...
  2. Alhana

    Am I Doing This Right? Planting Plants

    I've gone a bit plant crazy and now my purchases are coming in. I'm just curious if I'm actually planting these correctly. I've heard with anubias plants you just want the roots in, I do have a plant weight, would that be better to keep the anubias nana on the bottom of the tank until it roots...
  3. Alhana

    Interesting Rubber Lip Pleco

    Saw a couple of interesting rubber lip pleco at the store today. Was curious if there are different types of rubber lips or is it just a different color. Here is the picture I snapped of it.
  4. Alhana


    Hello everyone. Just a little post to introduce myself since I just kinda jumped into the forum head first. I originally joined to get a little insight into my "rescue" feeder goldfish after I realized this was the forum I was always reading on my phone when searching for information on random...
  5. Alhana

    Odd Goldfish

    Looking to see if anyone can give me any information about this comet goldfish I have. I know this eye type is common in some of the fancier types of goldfish but I'm having trouble finding it in the more common comet type. The first couple of pictures where he has black coloring are from when...

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