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  1. TetraKing101

    Question All in one aquarium app

    No sure if I posted in the right area but here I go I’ve been looking for a aquarium app that has a calendar that will remind me to preform water changes and also keep track of my water chemistry reading in a graph. I can’t seem to find one that has good reviews and fits my needs. I’m willing...
  2. TetraKing101

    Help Baking substrate

    I have hear of people baking there substrate to sterilize it I would like to try this process but are unsure how hot to set the oven and how long to put it on for. Has anyone tried this. Help would be much appreciated
  3. TetraKing101

    65 Gallon Tank Sponge on the intake tube of my fluval 306

    I’m looking for a sponge to cover the intake on my fluval 306 any suggestions? I haven’t found anything yet as the intake tube has this “guard” on it and it’s hard To find a sponge that will fit over it. Thanks in advance
  4. TetraKing101

    65 Gallon Tank Thoughts on aqueon 65 arch

    My local pet smart is having a sale on there 65 gallon tank. I’ve never had a tank from Aqueon has anyone had prior experience with there larger tanks as I know some company’s don’t make the greatest quality tanks and there more likely to fail
  5. TetraKing101

    Help Snail Breeding Update

    I made a post about 2 weeks ago asking about what’s the best method to get my rams horn snails breeding again. I tried add some plants but no luck. I need to keep the colony strong as I am planning on using them as food for my pea puffers. Please share some tips
  6. TetraKing101

    Help Tips On Caring For A Pea Puffer

    My plan was to get my pea puffer yesterday but that’s don’t work out so I was planning to get on tomorrow. Please share tips and tricks to help me out it would be really appreciated.
  7. TetraKing101

    Help Pea Puffer Introduction Tips

    I am going to my LFS today to but a pea puffer I have a tank all set up and cycled. I know that when I introduce the pea puffer it’s best to keep them in water because if they puff up out of water it can be deadly. But I also know that you try to get the least amount of water from the bag in...
  8. TetraKing101

    Help How Do I Know If My Tank Kept Its Cycle

    My 5.5 gallon tank hasn’t had any livestock in it for about 4 weeks. It’s hard to tell if my cycle is still strong as I have ammonia in my tap water so I can’t tell if my tank is cycled. I’m planning to stock it in the next week.
  9. TetraKing101

    Help How To Get The Best Clean With Sand

    So I have always had a sand substrate tank even from when I started. I Always just run my syphon over the sand multiple times to agitate the sand to remove detritus. Am I doing all that I can’t to remove all the gunk in my tanks ? Please share you methods to clean sand bottom tanks
  10. TetraKing101

    Help Snail Colony Question

    I’ve been thinking about picking up a pea puffer from my LFS and I know that they love to eat snails. I have a 2 gallon with a filter and heater set up and cycled with about 10 Rams horn snails. How to I get them to breed? They have bred before in my others tank before I moved them but now the...
  11. TetraKing101

    Help Possibility Of My Tank Failing

    I was reading online of people’s tank suddenly failing and either bursting or leaking. Could anyone give me a little info on there experience with larger used tank ie 50,60,80. It’s a 65 gallon with a good amounting scratch’s in side and some small chips on the corners. I also re did the silicon...
  12. TetraKing101

    Help Pea Puffer Parasite Treatment

    I’m looking to pickup a pea puffer from my LFS I called in yesterday and I talked to them about parasite treatment and if they did any as I know some stores do treat there puffers when they come in. What I would like to know is what is the best medicine to have on hand to treat for parasites if...
  13. TetraKing101

    Help Is My Tank Level

    These are some pictures of my 65 gallon tank I am trying to find out if I need to use shims to level it or should I just leave it.
  14. TetraKing101

    Help What Disease Is This

    This is my brothers gourami Greg he loves him very Much and is very worried about him I noticed a very large lump on the side of his body in thinking it’s HITH (hole in the head disease) but I’m not sure if you guys could help me ID this disease and suggest treatments to get him back to his old...
  15. TetraKing101

    Help Tank Re Seal Tips ?

    I resealed my 65 gallon aquarium about 6 months ago it has just been sitting dry for that period till today I did a 1 month leak test after the silicone cured but today is the day I fill it up on the stand any tips and tricks on checking it over ( I bought this tank used )
  16. TetraKing101

    Help Best Plant Website

    I’m looking for some plants for my tank wanted to look online but don’t know where to start Anyone recommend a website I live in Canada so it would have to ship to Canada thanks
  17. TetraKing101

    Mopani Wood Tannins

    So I recently bought some mopani wood from my LFS and I wanted to know the best way to remove the tannins. The boiling method wouldn’t work because I have a lot of wood and the other method of letting it sit wouldn’t work because I’m planning to fill it up in a week
  18. TetraKing101

    65 Gallon Tank Heater Recommendations

    I am planning to get the Eheim jasper heater for my 65 gallon tank I would like to know is it best to get one big wattage heater or two medium wattage heaters to heat my tank
  19. TetraKing101

    Help Bio Media Fluval Or Eheim

    I have the choice between Eheim subatr pro or fluval bio max bio rings I need to fill 2 compartments in my fluval 306 canister and my marine land 350 witch would be the best media to use thanks in advance
  20. TetraKing101

    Help Current Usa Satellite Freshwater Led Plus Light

    I was planning on getting the Current USA Satellite Freshwater Led Plus Light for my 65 gallon tank that is 18 inches deep would this be okay to support low light plants. If this light wouldn’t support plants could you give a suggestion of a light that would my budget is max 160 CAD

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