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  1. Kalyn

    Betta Fish Sedentary

    So, Nebula, also known as "work betta" has become a bit sedentary. He was the Betta I kept from the three I took home from a petstupid that shrugged, looked at the fish, and said, "yup, those are probably gonna die overnight." I got him in december. I tried to attach a picture, but Fishlore...
  2. Kalyn

    Leak Bypass System For Canister Filter

    Allrighty, my fishy geniuses. Please apply your brains to my scenario. - I am getting some sunsun canister filters for my 40 gallon and 55 gallon aquariums. - I live in a rented, carpeted room in a house. My landlord lives beneath me So every canister filter I reviewed at all price points...
  3. Kalyn

    Silly Fish Apparently Needed 5 Gallon Tank

    I've had a male Betta Fish in a 20 gallon fish tank for about ... 1.5 months. I was loosely monitoring his behavior and condition, as I had just gotten him, and noticed that he remained frantic in his patrolling, although his health was improving. I thought it would ease over time, as the tank...
  4. Kalyn

    Ammonia Pockets Vs. Plants?

    Hey everyone, Is it possible to create a paludrium with a soil/gravel or sand based plateau, and a deep water section, while mitigating or eradicating the possibility of ammonia pockets? Can you do this with heavily-rooted plants? Or, do y'all have any methods you've used/think would work
  5. Kalyn

    Small Update On Reu

    I got my hands on a 40 gallon breeder/stand/lid for $75! So Reu (he's the calico fish) has been upgraded and they have a buddy!! If you have name ideas, please post them. [This is a little belated, but holiday madness was a definite thing this year.]
  6. Kalyn

    Vivarium With Neo-caridinia Shrimp

    Hello! I'd like to set-up my 20 tall as a kind of vivarium, with a 8-10gallon water capacity and some land w/ plants. Do you all know anything about how best to do that? How best to create this environment and make it shrimp safe and healthy. Have a tiny conceptual diagram: Is there...
  7. Kalyn

    Goldfish Spit Water?!

    Have any of y'all's goldfish spat water? I heard a funny /sptzz/ sound and felt some water -- I'm about a foot from the tank.... Do they splash fins or spit? Hahahaha
  8. Kalyn

    Weird Head Scales? New Betta

    This is almost directly under the tank lights, or with flash. Are these normal head scales or is there something amiss? Velvet? The ones with flash look a bit gold. [Just got home from pet store yesterday. In breeders net in a cycled tank with temp ~77F. He has mostly clamped fins...
  9. Kalyn

    Kel Has Dropsy

    Hello, I just wanted to let y'all know that Kel seems to have dropsy. As of today he is almost fully pineconing. I do have some Maracyn 2 on hand that I started on yesterday. A few questions: - Should I still try and feed him/will it make things worse for him? - thoughts on epsom...
  10. Kalyn

    Your favorite music and/or what music are you'currently listening to?

    What kind of music do you all enjoy? What are you currently listening to? Genres/artists/bands/songs/cds.... I want to know! I'm currently listening to MR2 by Miracles of Modern Science -- it's an odd song that popped up on my radio.
  11. Kalyn

    A little confused -- goldfish care

    Hiya. I have a Ryukin named Reu (as of last Tuesday) who is currently a little larger than my thumb. He is in a 20 long tank by himself, soon to be a 29 gallon tank (within ~ 1wk, filter media, everything in that tank is planned to move). My research lead me to believe that a 20 gallon would...
  12. Kalyn

    Fish Identification

    Hi, Can anyone tell me what kind of fish this is? This is from an ad on my local craigslist. I'm wondering if I bought the tank, if I could rehome it to someone with the right sized tank (unless I already have one the right size). Thanks!
  13. Kalyn

    Hurricane Preparation for aquariums?

    What do you all do to prepare your tanks when you're facing hurricanes (or other natural disasters)?
  14. Kalyn

    Betta Live Food Supplement

    I'd like to cultivate some live food for my bettas. I know about mosquito larva, but I'm trying not to invite Zika, heh, though the larva are probably readily available here in FL. I also don't want my roommates to kill me for worsening the mosquito swarms outside.... I'm also worried about...
  15. Kalyn

    Healing Injury... Is this normal or an infection or parasites? Yikes

    image image edit: or fungus?
  16. Kalyn

    Mouth Perpetually Slightly Oen

    Do y'all know if this is normal: betta never quite closing mouth? image image He eats and he yawns, so his mouth isnt stuck slightly open. Just wondering if it's a normal behavior (like people who have their mouths slightly parted when relaxed) or a symptom of something.... Thank you
  17. Kalyn

    Sisters Six

    Just introducing the sisters. I've had them for several months now. Arwen Belle Eowyn (post and pre marbling) Bendi (Duquesa) Now and Then Pixie - Now and Then Morraine's photo is too large, so I'll post it later. For those who would want to know: - they are siblings - they've...
  18. Kalyn

    New Betta needs a name! :)

    Thoughts? edit: He is from a petstore. I check on their bettas whenever I go. He looked like he had given up, and I had been speaking to a betta rehabilitator in Arizona about my moral dilemma ... so he came with me on Tuesday I think it was. The first day he just laid on the floor...
  19. Kalyn

    Can adopt a betta :)

    Have any of you ever adopted a betta fish? I have an additional tank and I'd love to adopt a betta in need rather than buy one from the store. What are your thoughts? Any experiences? Know of any bettas that need a home?
  20. Kalyn

    Discolore, Raised Bump on side

    My betta, Kel, has a raised bump on one side that is the size of a couple scales. It alllllmost looks as though some are peeling away, but it is discolored and catches the light from certain angles. image image image image Any thoughts on what this might be? He has showed no major...

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